Oben Electric has launched its first electric performance motorcycle- ‘Rorr’ in Bengaluru recently. A Made-in-India offering, Rorr is completely designed, developed, and manufactured in-house within the country by experienced professionals in the EV domain. Pre-bookings for Rorr are now open.

Rorr electric bike from Oben Electric launched
Rorr electric bike from Oben Electric launched

‘Rorr’ is a fresh new take on what two-wheelers ought to be with a neo-classic design for the 21st century and beyond. It is less engine and more engineering. Reaching an acceleration of 0-40 in just 3 seconds, a top speed of 100kmph and 2hrs charging time, the motorcycle is fully charged and ready to roll a 200 km range (IDC). Three colour variants are available to consumers at the moment and prices start from INR 99,999 ex-showroom.

Rorr is a sleek and futuristic-looking e-motorcycle that boasts of some of the best-in-class specifications, with patents filed for its critical components like motor, battery, controller, drivetrain, and design. It also has interactive connected vehicle features such as Predictive maintenance, Ride details, Battery status, Geo-fencing, Geo-tagging, Battery theft protection, Charging station locator, On-demand service, and Roadside assistance. Its ‘Combined Braking System’ and ‘Driver Alert System’ provide riders with visual and auditory cues, indicating when the vehicle is ON, Stationary, or requires Maintenance. A first-in-class gamification feature will also be introduced with Rorr, to revolutionize the consumer’s engagement with the motorcycle and other Rorr owners.

Rorr electric bike Oben Electric
Rorr electric bike Oben Electric

“We are aligned with the country’s electric mission and support the Government’s initiatives to creating a sustainable clean-green mobility solution and bolstering the seamless transition from ICE to EVs. In line with the same vision, we also strongly believe that EVs can be made exciting and reliable. Hence, Rorr has been developed keeping in mind top factors such as performance, reliability, exquisite design, style, quality, dependability, and agility”, said Mr. Dinkar Agrawal, Co-Founder & COO.

Online bookings are open from 18th March onwards and consumers can pre-book Rorr for just ₹ 999. They can also check their eligibility for Government exemptions, Financing, and Insurance options on the e-AMRIT portal of Niti-Aayog while buying an EV. Oben Electric’s new manufacturing facility in Electronic City, Bengaluru, will soon begin its operations and production. The plant is equipped to meet an initial capacity of 3 lakh units per year.

Adding to this, Ms. Madhumita Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, said “Moving ahead, we will also be following a stable yet steady approach in expanding to newer markets without compromising on after-sales support, service, and expectations of our customers. We are keen on expanding to Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and more cities in Karnataka in Q2, 2022”.

The company anticipates a steady sales figure through a robust dealership network across the above states in Q2. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction and after-sales support, Oben Electric will follow the hub-and-spoke model for making spare parts available on time,
along with doorstep servicing for a faster resolution.


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