On March 15, Oben Electric will be launching its first Electric Performance Motorcycle “Rorr” in Bengaluru. Rorr is a ‘Made in India’ offering with its complete Designing, Development, and Manufacturing done in India. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Oben Electric is an E2W manufacturing company. Founded in August 2020, the company focuses on providing sustainable mobility solutions in the electric two-wheeler segment. It is aligned with the Country’s electric mission and is dedicated to developing electric two-wheelers with exquisite designs, premium quality, and reliable products in-house, and creating a global brand from India.

Oben Electric to launch electric bike ‘Rorr’
Oben Electric to launch electric bike ‘Rorr’

About Oben Electric

OBEN EV is an electric vehicle company founded by IIT Kharagpur & IIM Bangalore Alumni in August 2020. Oben Electric was founded with a dream to develop new electric vehicles in-house with “Made in India” components and create a global brand from India capable of delivering electric vehicles with exquisite designs, premium quality, and reliability for the world. Oben’s philosophy is to use technology and innovation to develop reliable, performance oriented, and connected electric vehicles, with a balance of customer aspirations, practicality, and affordability. Oben’s strong foundation is laid by an extraordinary team of people who bring successful entrepreneurial experience with prior hands-on expertise in developing and manufacturing electric 2-wheelers with complementing skillsets required to make it a success.


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