If you love to bike amidst stunning scenery with interesting topography, then you must head straight for Scotland. For here, you will come across endless stretches of breathtaking scenery with majestic mountain ranges and an amazing coastline with unspoiled views. There are very few countries and parts of the world where you get to enjoy the most scenic motorbike routes, and your motorbike insurance doesn’t have to be expensive.

Most Scenic Motorbike Routes in Scotland
Most Scenic Motorbike Routes in Scotland

For your next summer ride, look for inspiration and enjoy miles and miles of pure riding bliss.  Your biking experience relies a lot on the location and the kind of route you pick. Here are some of the top routes to enjoy and explore for the motorcycling community while in Scotland.

North Coast 500 – North Coast 500 route has something for everyone, as numerous castles and lochs are on the way. Moreover, you can take advantage of countless tourist hot spots along the world’s most iconic and stunning coastal routes.

The Duke’s Pass- Duke’s pass is a hot favorite among all local bikers, and for good reasons, as they end up having a blast every time they go on the route. The route will take you through stunning Great Trossachs Forest, and the ride can be intense and demanding at times. It is a must for all those who love Alpine-style switchbacks.

Route 15 – This route will leave you in the complete wilderness amidst the barren grasslands and rolling hills. You will pass along Kielder Dam, through Northumberland National Forest, and enjoy some lovely scenic views all the way to Hartside Café. It is an absolute biker haven, and the views are just breathtaking.

A7 – Carlisle to Edinburgh– Another biking route that is much more enjoyable than the conventional choices is the A7. You head across the border, move towards the northeast, and come across some interesting little towns. On the route, you can stop and pay tribute to Scotland’s greatest motorcycle racers, Steve Hislop and Jimmie Guthrie.

The Pincer- Located in Central Scotland, the Pincer route captures the heart of the Inland Highlands. It suits most bikers as it is both rugged, gentle, remote, and close by. The route spans either side of the Lochs and then moves on to the lesser-used roads. At times, the routes become narrow, but the Lochs are simply stunning. Ride on the route carefully and gently, and enjoy every moment.

The Flipside- located in Northwest Scotland, the Flipside route is just perfect for those who want to be truly alone and away from civilization, at least for a while. This is the place for you and one of the most favorite routes in Scotland, as once here, you will feel as if you are on another planet. Be prepared not to meet anyone or come across another car for miles and miles.

Just jump on your bike and ride solo or with your group to enjoy some of Scotland’s most popular hiking routes. You can pick from any of the above for a great start and experience.


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