The Hungarian marque KEEWAY has launched the retro classic Keeway SR125 in India. The motorcycle would be Keeways’s 7th Product offering within the last 5 month and is indicative of its ambitious plans for the Indian Market. The motorcycle is an optimal blend of power, performance and timeless design combined with an attractive price. Positioned as an entry-level motorcycle to introduce budding motorcycle enthusiasts into the family and increase Keeway’s footprint in India.   

KEEWAY SR125 prices
Color  Price  
Glossy White INR 1,19,000 
Glossy Black  INR 1,19,000 
Glossy Red INR 1,19,000 

The SR125 is available in three eye-catching colours – Glossy Black, Glossy Red, and Glossy White. 

Keeway SR125 classic
Keeway SR125 classic

The Unpretentious Keeway SR125 will instantly strike a chord with those looking for a simple, uncomplicated machine with an attractive retro classic design and old school vibe. The single cylinder, 4-stroke, 125cc engine with EFI provides 9.7 HP and 8.2 NM of torque to the light weight 120 kg motorcycle. 300mm disks in front and 210mm disks in the rear combines with a Combi-Braking system to ensure strong yet controlled braking. Block pattern tyres with a 160mm ground clearance ensure excellent grip on tarmac as well as unpaved surfaces. A simple yet informative colour digital display, a generous 14.5 litres tank, adjustable suspension and engine cut off side stand complete the back to basics package.  

Mr. Vikas Jhabakh, Managing Director, Keeway India, said, “I am pleased to launch the all-new Keeway SR125. With the SR125, we aim to introduce the budding motorcycle enthusiast into the Keeway family. It’s simple yet attractive, classic old school design, peppy performance and uncomplicated operation is sure to resonate with those looking a simple yet enjoyable riding experience”    

The Keeway SR125 will be available for test rides at all the authorized Benelli | Keeway dealerships from Mid-October 2022. With deliveries starting from the last week of October, customers can book the motorcycles from today at just INR 1,000 by logging onto or visiting the nearest dealership. 

Keeway SR125 

The Keeway SR125 has back to basic, retro classic design which brings back memories of legendry bollywood movie stars riding around serenading leading actresses. A simple design that is instantly reminiscent of old school charm and an uncomplicated “take it easy” vibe. It retains only the most essential features, while stripping away anything that does not add sufficient value.  

Keeway SR125 key specifications  

  1. Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 125cc engine with EFI provides 9.7 HP and 8.2 NM of torque.  
  2. Simple, clean and timeless Design 
  3. Attractive head lights with LED DRL 
  4. 120Kg lightweight design 
  5. 300mm front and 210mm rear disk brakes 
  6. Combi-Braking system with Equilizer 
  7. 14.5 litre fuel capacity 
  8. Colour digital display 
  9. Side stand with built in engine cut off switch 
  10. 160mm Ground clearance with a wide wheelbase 
  11. Hazard Switch 
  12. 5-Step adjustable suspension 
  13. Low maintenance Gel battery 


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