Following the reveal of design concept sketches in May, Honda has now given further information on progress in development of the new Hornet concept, which clearly show the model in development has the performance punch to match its striking, aggressive look.

Engine and spec of next generation Hornet
Engine and spec of next generation Hornet
  • Details on engine development – brand-new, 755cc parallel twin-cylinder 8-valve Unicam engine
  • Maximum power figure of 91.7 PS @ 9,500rpm; maximum torque 75 Nm @ 7,250rpm
  • Classic top end Hornet ‘sting’ bolstered by strong mid-range torque for pure riding enjoyment and usability in every situation
  • Distinctive engine ‘pulse’ from a 270° crank – with its uneven firing – matched to tuned, high-performance exhaust note

The concept model – the first video of which has been released today – is powered by an all-new, 755cc parallel twin-cylinder, 8-valve Unicam engine delivering 91.7 PS @ 9,500rpm and 75Nm of torque @ 7,250rpm.

Compact and lightweight, the engine carries on the Hornet legacy, with free-revving character and exhilarating top-end punch. Alongside the high-rpm thrills, the engine also delivers a full-fat measure of mid-range torque to generate the kind of acceleration that makes every moment enjoyable. Furthermore, a distinctive pulsation feel – and hugely entertaining sound – is delivered by a combination of the 270° crank’s uneven firing sequence and carefully optimised exhaust system.

The Test Project Leader for the development is Fuyuki Hosokawa, whose recent responsibilities include leading the development of the latest CBR1000RR-R Fireblade.

“The Hornet has always been a very special motorcycle for Honda. Exciting, engaging performance has always been matched to lithe, agile handling. Before starting this project, we thought long and hard about what kind of performance we wanted to give to the rider. We knew that it was essential to keep the classic Hornet top end power ‘hit’ and at the same time, as a new generation Hornet for modern times, we wanted the engine to have a really strong torquey feel and ‘throbbing’ sensation at low to mid rpm. Our aim has always been to match these to the lightest, most agile handling possible, to make every ride – even in town – as engaging and fulfilling as possible.

To get the kind of performance and lightweight handling we wanted, we knew we had to develop an all-new short-stroke twin-cylinder engine, with a 270° crankshaft. This would not only deliver that top-end rush, but also the sporty low-down torque, ideal for riding in urban environments and powering out of corners on the open road.”



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