Honda definitely caught all of us by surprise, we were definitely not expecting the CB300F. When we first saw the bike at the launch, the first question was why push in another naked 300 when the CB300R already exists in the market. This question made more sense especially when you think that the C300R is not too far away in pricing as well. So then what is the new Honda CB300F all about?

Honda CB300F review
Honda CB300F review

Again, like a lot of you guys, we too were a bit intrigued by the specifications of the CB300F as well. For a 300cc it made pretty much the same power and torque as the much loved now discontinued CBR250R. So we asked the guys at Honda during the ride opportunity and immediately things begin to make sense.

The Honda CB300F is all about recreating the magic of the old 250R in a more simple and practical way. It’s easier to maintain, it’s more fuel efficient and is very comfortable. You can use it for the daily city commute and you will be absolutely amazed by it’s ease of use and agile handling. The gearing is such that you have the torque kicking in and lasting through the right RPM bands. This one is not a rev machine, but not a slow commuter either. It finds that sweet spot that keeps both those needs fulfilled.

Things we like:

  • Looks good, has a big bike look
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Suspension soft at front
  • Fuel efficiency – ~35 kmpl
  • Bottom end torque + mid range quite good
  • Can cruise at 100 all day
  • No heat
  • Low seat height
  • Refinement at low and mid range is good
  • Great predictable and light handling
  • Pillion is comfortable as well

Things that could have been better:

  • Engine refinement at higher revs
  • Price point is could have been more competitive


If the price is not a deterrent, then the CB300F is quite a fun city and light touring bike. Very nimble and light for the commute and with the powerful bottom and mid range is fun to get ahead of traffic with ease. Comfortable and fuel efficient too!


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