BMW Motorrad India launched the BMW G 310 RR in India today. India is the first country to welcome the third and latest member of highly successful BMW 310 model series. The bike is available at BMW Motorrad India dealerships from today onwards. The BMW G 310 RR has been jointly developed by BMW Motorrad and cooperation partner TVS Motor Company. The BMW G 310 RR is locally produced in India along with BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS by TVS Motor Company in Hosur.

BMW G 310 RR Style Sport
BMW G 310 RR Style Sport

The BMW G 310 RR will be offered in two variants. The ex-showroom prices are as follows:

  • BMW G 310 RR – INR 285,000
  • BMW G 310 RR Style Sport – INR 299,000

The new BMW G 310 RR has been launched in two colors – The standard Black storm metallic paintwork emphasizes the dynamic overall appearance. The other option is the Style Sport in Light White Uni, Racing Blue Metallic and Racing Red Uni colors.

The G 310 RR inherits the DNA of the S 1000 RR and will be the entrance to the BMW Motorrad sport bikes family. Nimble and agile in the city, confident and powerful on the road. 

For ease of ownership, BMW India Financial Services is offering a complete package to own the first-ever BMW 310 RR. Benefits include low down payment, monthly payment starting INR 3,999 and the option to fund insurance and accessories. For complete peace of mind, BMW Motorrad bikes come with a standard warranty for three years, unlimited kilometres. The warranty can be extended to fourth and fifth year at an attractive cost. Road-Side Assistance, a 24×7 365 days package further ensures prompt services in case of breakdown and towing situations.

BMW G 310 RR Style Sport in Light White Uni
BMW G 310 RR Style Sport in Light White Uni

BMW G 310 RR

The BMW G 310 RR’s aerodynamic design makes an extremely sporty appearance with its road racing DNA: full fairing and RR branding/graphics. Its uncompromising superbike design and motorsport colours make a clear classification in the road-race segment.

The aerodynamic design is optimized by the full fairing, intelligent dimensions as well as lighter materials that work together to offer agile and precise handling. Thanks to the Ram Air intake, the oncoming air flow is ideally used, and the gill vents ensure that the hot air is channelled away from the engine. The bike has an aggressive and sharp face with full-led headlights, large transparent visor and pure-black handlebars. The entire fly line is front-wheel oriented. The dynamic front, tank-hugging seating position and a pulled-up short rear visually underline closeness to the racetrack.

New high-end details such as the standard gold upside-down fork, aluminum swingarm, handlebars with controls and excellent workmanship reflect the finest within the segment and underscore the stable wheel control with sensitive and precise feedback. The standard Michelin Pilot Street radial tyres fit perfectly with the character by providing ample grip and control.

The first-ever BMW G 310 RR is fitted with a water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke 313-cc engine with electronic fuel injection. The engine achieves a maximum power of 33.9 at 9,700 rpm as well as maximum torque of 27.3 NM at 7,700 rpm. The motorcycle accelerates from 0 – 60 km/hr in just 2.9 seconds.

The 6-speed gearbox allows ease of engagement of gear and no slippage at higher speeds for precise shifts and launches. The race tuned anti-hopping clutch with self-reinforcement reduces engine braking and significantly increases riding safety – especially during braking manoeuvres with simultaneous downshifts. It also offers reduced operating force at clutch lever.

For ideal adaptation to varied conditions, the 310 RR is fitted with four modes as standard – Track, Urban, Rain and Sport. The Track mode is focussed from acceleration to braking where the ABS is adjusted for late braking into bends.  Urban mode has balanced acceleration and braking behaviour as the ABS and throttle response are geared towards urban traffic. Sport mode delivers best possible acceleration and maximum deceleration values – with sporty dynamics. Rain mode is paired with Ride by Wire and the ABS reacts highly sensitively to guarantee riding safety and stability control on wet roads.

Ride by Wire system along with E-Gas passes on the commands directly from a sensor on the twist grip to the engine control system resulting in even finer control and throttle response. Thanks to the electromotive throttle controller, automatic idle speed increase when starting also prevents a possible sudden stalling of the engine.

The suspension has a torsionally stiff, highly robust tubular steel frame in grid structure with bolt-on rear frame. The front wheel suspension is taken care of by a solid upside-down fork while at the rear there is an aluminium swinging arm in conjunction with a directly mounted spring strut. The suspension geometry is designed for easy handling, stability and a neutral cornering response, which makes for an active riding character and maximum riding fun.

The new multifunctional 5” TFT display boasts of a very good level of functionality that is synonymous with high-speed riding. Its intuitive framework, high-resolution and clear graphics provide all required information to the rider in an easy-to-understand format. It shows essentials like riding statistics, riding modes, maximum speed, deceleration, temperature etc.

The Infotainment Control Switch offers perfect operability of functions to change the desired modes or views. Depending on the riding mode, the TFT display also customizes the screen with relevant information.

The high-performance brake system with 2-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ensures efficient deceleration and short braking distances. BMW Motorrad ABS prevents the wheels from locking and rear wheel lift-off protection keeps the race bike’s wheels on the track, even when braking late into corners.


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