Royal Enfield recently partnered with TCX to bring in CE Certified ‘Life Style’ and ‘Riding Boots’ to the Indian market. This is move is huge as it opens the doors for us riders to get some of the best from TCX at slightly more affordable prices. Even better is that it opens the door for more such collaborations.

CABO WP BOOTS - Royal Enfield TCX
CABO WP BOOTS – Royal Enfield TCX

Now, the folks at Royal Enfield were kind enough to send us over the new CABO WP BOOTS from their range for India. The RE-TCX CABO TCX boots are for the folks that want protective boots for the daily use but at the same time do not want the bulk associated with a proper riding boot. From the looks and form factor that it has, we can safely say that it meets this criteria quite easily. Its ideal to rock it for the daily use and potting around town without standing out in a mall and looking like you just dropped in from a Ladakh ride.

Looks apart, no boot is a good boot if it does not do what its meant to do, i.e. protect your feet. The RE-TCX CABO TCX boot has a sturdy construction that’s not flexible like the typical sneakers and can surely take a beating. The leather and the thick sole will surely save you from abrasion if you are unfortunate to come across any. From what we can see, this one is going to stay strong for a good couple of years easily.

CABO WP Riding BOOTS - Royal Enfield TCX
CABO WP Riding BOOTS – Royal Enfield TCX

What we especially liked is strong ankle protection provided by the tall side walls that will protect you from the common twists. The inner sole has the OrthoLite footbed which adds to the comfort quite well. This combined with the T-Dry waterproof membrane makes the TCX CABO WP BOOTS quite the good companion for the daily grind as well as those impromptu short rides.

We will of-course be testing these out further in the coming weeks and update you here regarding how it holds up. So, stay connected!



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