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All new Classic 350 launched; Prices start from 1.84 lakh

All new Classic 350 launched
All new Classic 350 launched

The all new Classic 350 is powered by the modern 349cc air-oil cooled single cylinder engine, launched recently on the Meteor, the all-new Classic 350 brings in a new level of comfort, smoothness and refinement in ride experience. With the 349cc, fuel-injected, air/oil cooled engine, the Classic generates a power of 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and a torque of 27 Nm at 4000 rpm, resulting in a strong low-end grunt and super smooth linear power delivery across the band, making the ride enjoyable and effortless. With the primary balancer shaft that cuts down the vibrations, the reborn Classic feels smooth and well-mannered on road. The gear shifting is crisp and smooth, thanks to the optimized 5-speed gearbox that ensures strong in-city acceleration, as well as a relaxed ride at cruising speed. Much to the joy of Royal Enfield enthusiasts, the new Classic 350 retains the unmistakable thump of the exhaust note.

The new Classic 350 will be available at a starting price of INR 1,84,374 for the Redditch series, INR 1,93,123 for the Halcyon series, INR 2,04,367 for the Classic Signals, INR 2,11,465 for the Dark Series, and INR 2,15,118 for the Classic Chrome (all ex-showroom, Chennai prices).

All new Classic 350 launched
All new Classic 350 launched

Designed and developed by talented teams of designers and engineers based at Royal Enfield’s two state-of-the-art technology centres, in India and the UK, special care has been paid to ensure a superlative ride experience on the all-new Classic 350. The all-new chassis is built for superior comfort and maneuverability. Designed to be stiffer, the chassis encourages more confidence at higher cornering speeds, and feels planted and stable on straight roads. The front and rear suspension has been extensively developed for more comfortable saddle time. With better ride ergonomics and more confident braking, the Classic feels agile and responsive and promises to heighten the ride experience each time.

All new Classic 350 key specifications

  • 349 cc single cylinder 4 stroke SOHC
  • 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • 202.2 BHP @ 6100
  • Fuel injected
  • 5 speed
  • 41 mm forks with 130 mm travel
  • Rear twin shocks with 6 step adjustment
  • 100/90 19 inch front tyre with Spoke and Alloy option
  • 120/80 18 inch rear tyre with spoke and Alloy option
  • 170 mm ground clearance
  • 805 mm seat height
  • 195 kg kerb weight
  • 13 l tank

All new Classic 350 colour options and variants

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is available in 5 new, exciting variants with 11 colourways, beginning with the Redditch series, the Halcyon series, the Classic Signals, the Dark series and the Classic Chrome.

●       Classic Chrome – A premium standout edition, the Classic Chrome series reflects the rich look and feel of British motorcycles from the 1950’s. Available in dual-tone colour tanks in two colourways – Chrome Red and Chrome Bronze – the Chrome series bears true insignia of its past with striking tank badges  that were adorned by the Royal Enfields of the 1950’s.

●       The Classic Dark series is a youthful, urban and a custom take on the Classic 350, and comes in Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey colourways. These motorcycles come fitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.

●       The Classic Signals series, available in Marsh Grey and Desert Sand, continues to celebrate Royal Enfield’s association with the armed forces. Each of these motorcycles come with badges and graphics and also bear a unique number that will be stencilled on the tank.

●       The Halcyon series, as the name suggests is a celebration of the Classic’s legacy and reflects the glorious retro classic look. It is available in Green, Grey and Black colourways.

●       The Classic 350 Redditch is inspired by true classics of the past and has single tank colours – in Redditch Grey and Redditch Sage Green – with blacked-out components.

All variants are equipped with dual channel ABS and dual disc brakes, except the Redditch variant that has single channel ABS and disc brakes on the front.

All new Classic 350 Royal Enfield
All new Classic 350 Royal Enfield

While the form and factor of the all-new Classic 350 retains its timeless beauty and essence, every aspect of the motorcycle is brand new. The Classic 350 now has a refreshed look and an all-premium fit and finish. The signature post-war British motorcycle styling, with visual harmony accentuated by flowing lines from front to the tail, continue to make the Classic 350 a visual treat. The motorcycle bears the distinct teardrop shaped tank, and the classic Royal Enfield casquette that houses a new headlamp along with the signature ‘tiger lamps’ – pilot lights – an enduring feature on Royal Enfield motorcycles since 1954.

For more comfortable hours on the saddle, the new Classic has new, wider seats with soft-foam cushion padding. With brand new handlebars, the riding position has been subtly tweaked to further improve comfort whilst maintaining that familiar Classic feeling. Bringing in the modern touch is the new digi-analog instrument cluster that houses an LCD info panel. A USB charging point will be mounted below the handlebar for the convenience of quick charging on the go. The turn-by-turn Tripper navigation pod is available as a Make It Yours accessory – MiY – on the Chrome variant. MiY is a truly unique Royal Enfield tool that encourages self-expression, allows riders to personalize and customize their motorcycles

The new Classic 350 will be available with a wide array of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, designed and developed to complement its versatility as well as to enhance comfort, utility and style. The suite of new accessories for Classic 350 is purpose-driven and includes a range of 35 bespoke options that have been designed for specific themes that allow the rider to enhance the form and function of the motorcycle as per their preference. Royal Enfield’s motorcycle accessories come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty and are designed, developed and certified alongside the motorcycle. For further individual self-expression, a selection of riding gear, including helmets, t-shirts, and lifestyle accessories have been designed inspired by the Classic 350.

The all-new Classic 350 carries forward the legend of the modern Classic in Royal Enfield’s portfolio. The motorcycle’s authentic, timeless design promises to inspire enthusiasts, while its ergonomics and refinement promise to heighten the senses every time the rider gets on the saddle.

All new Classic 350 launched; Prices start from 1.84 lakh
All new Classic 350 launched; Prices start from 1.84 lakh

Bookings and test rides for all variants of the new Classic 350 start today across dealerships in India, except the Redditch series which will be available in stores starting October 2021.



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