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TVS iQube electric scooter review – commute champion

TVS iQube electric review

The transition to electric mobility is happening at a faster pace than ever before and the latest entrant into the electric scooter segment is TVS with the iQube. TVS did not just want to create an electric scooter but also ensure that this new machine did not feel like a huge departure from the existing combustion based scooters. So what’s the TVS iQube all about and how does it feel to ride, lets find out.

Before we get into the ride dynamics and feel of the scooter, lets get a few important numbers and facts out of the way. Powering the iQube is a 4.4 kW hub motor backed up by a 2.25 kW battery pack. It takes approximately 5 hours for a full charge and gives you a range of 75 km in economy mode. The top speed in economy mode is limited to around 45-46 km/h. Switch to power mode and you get a top speed of 78 km/h. Obviously the range is lesser in power mode, and on a full charge you get 55 km.

The battery capacity mentioned is actually only 80% of the capacity and is the actual usable capacity optimized for a better battery life and efficiency. The scooter also features a park assist feature, which when enabled, allows for very slow movement of the scooter in forward or reverse direction allowing for easy movement while parking in tricky areas.

TVS iQube electric scooter digital meter

A charging harness is provided with the scooter which can be plugged into a regular wall socket or a charging hub to get life back into the batteries. Also, TVS is enabling its dealerships with charging stations to ensure that you are never far from a charging station.

Now coming to the actual ride experience, the first and foremost thing you notice is the obvious lack of any sound. This coupled with the good build quality ensures all you hear is the wind gushing by. There are enough safety mechanisms programmed in so that you are never caught by surprise and the scooter gets moving, all throttle action has to be preceded by a dedicated action. It’s simple and quick to activate, just press the mode switch while holding down either of the brake levers to activate it. It goes into standby mode if the scooter is idle for 3 minutes and also immobilized if the side stand is down.

The riding position is what you would expect from a scooter and there are no surprises here. The seat height is a comfortable 745 mm and it also has a generous ground clearance of 157 mm. Thanks to the 3 part battery packs being mounted low, one below the foot board and the rest below the seat, you have a very low centre of gravity that gives you great riding dynamics. The iQube almost feels sporty to ride and feels light and easy to handle even in low speeds. Thanks to the telescopic suspensions at the front and the dual shock at the rear, the ride comfort is also good and it cushions you well.

TVS iQube electric review

TVS has also ensured that you have enough under seat storage space. The braking is also good and the front disc along with the drum brake at the rear never disappoint. Thanks to the instant torque delivery of the electric motor, even with a pillion things are quite effortless and its easy to ride and manoeuvre the scooter.

Of course the iQube also is a connected scooter with TVS Xonnect system. It provides you with plenty of features which include ride statistics, turn by turn navigation, call alerts, geo fencing and live vehicle tracking. The best feature we think is the ability to track the battery status, so if you have kept it for charging, you can check its status regardless of where you are. This is enabled by the presence of and embedded e-sim.

Overall, TVS wanted to make an electric scooter which would enable a very smooth transition for a customer from the internal combustion world to that of an electric. And we think they have done that and much more the TVS iQube can easily be your daily commute companion.

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