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2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 first ride review

TVS Apache RR 310 BS6 review
TVS Apache RR 310 BS6 review
2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 HD wallpaper

The 2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 is here! TVS has used the opportunity to not just do the BS6 shift but also upgrade the motorcycle in a multitude of small additions and changes. It now gets a ride by wire throttle, a new 5 inch screen up front, Michelin Road 5 dual compound tyres, 4 different riding modes and of course the new color option.

Interestingly, TVS has managed to do the BS6 conversion without a drop in power, and it retains its original engine specifications of 34 Ps @ 9700 RPM and 27.3 Nm at 7700 RPM.

For us the most significant upgrade has been the ride by wire throttle. This one single addition combined with the already quite versatile BOSCH ECU has enabled TVS to further refine and tune the engine better. The new ECU maps the bike runs on, makes it much more refined than before and during our first ride experience the increase in refinement especially higher up in the revs was quite evident.

2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 first ride review

We of course road in track mode during this ride experience. The throttle on-offs are quite sharp and once we spent a few laps this quick response was a clear advantage especially at corner exit when you want all that power on tap.

The primary difference between the different riding modes are the amount of power available and level of ABS intervention. Simply put, ABS intervention is maximum in rain mode, normal in Urban and Sport mode and least intrusive in the track mode. And when it comes to the power, the track and sport mode have all the power accessible while the rain and urban mode gets access to 25.8 HP by revving lower and slower.

These riding modes can be changed on the go which is a huge advantage. The rider just needs to release throttle and use the new well made and premium feeling switch gear to easily change the modes. Another point worth mentioning is the fact that, even if you switch off the bike, the modes are maintained when you get back on.

The 2020 RR 310 also gets the Glide Through Technology that we recently saw on the BS6 RTR range. It works in all gears for the Urban and Rain mode and only in the first two gears for the sport and track mode.

The new screen up front is loaded with information and its easy to identify the toggle between the modes. There is a lot of information available on it. It can be customized, has a dark mode and even the Smart Xconnect system that enables you to pair it with your mobile phone.

Once connected you now also have access to turn by turn navigation and other phone alerts. What’s interesting is the ride pattern recorder that gives you a huge amount of information, which eventually could allow you to ride the bike better.

2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 HD wallpaper

Out at the track, the RR 310 maintained its friendly, easy to ride and composed nature even with the slightly increased weight. (174 kg kerb). The new Michelin Road 5 tyres add to the already great feel on the track and always urge you on with incredible grip. The riding ergonomics are not heavily sporty and remains like before, so while that means you will constantly scrape it on a track, out on the street and for touring the positioning is ideal.

With the BS6 conversions every motorcycle in seeing a price hike, but what TVS has managed to do is offer you more than just a BS6 upgrade. The TVS Apache RR 310 at the end of the day has always been a well made machine and now its even better and involving to ride.

2020 BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 new colour option



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