Yamaha has begun 2019 with the introduction of dual channel ABS for the YZF-R15 Version 3.0. We always loved this machine and the ABS was the one feature that was lacking. No word yet on whether it is switchable though. Also introduced alongside is a new black colour option.

With the launch of the new dual channel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) enabled YZF-R15 Version 3.0, Yamaha has pioneered the industry by introducing the first 150 CC class model that has dual channel ABS. The motorcycle will hit the Indian roads with an all new Darknight colour along with Thunder Grey and Racing Blue while retaining all of its original features like VVA technology and A&S Clutch along with a dual channel ABS. The dual channel ‘Anti-lock Braking System’ (ABS) technology comes with adjustable fluid pressure which will further be reliable to ensure immediate braking on slippery roads. It is armed with a powerful 155 cc engine with high compression ratio resulting in maximum 19.3 PS power at 10,000 RPM delivering a torque of 14.7 N.M at 8500 RPM.

Yamaha R15 V3 gets Dual Channel ABS and new Black colour option
Yamaha R15 V3 gets Dual Channel ABS and new Black colour option

With its weight (wet) of 142 kg and a massive 170 mm ground clearance, the new YZF-R15 (Version 3.0) with dual channel ABS gets a stylish look from its fully digital instrument console, LED head and tail light and an added ABS logo.

ModelLaunch DatePriceColours
YZF-R15 Version 3.0 ABSJanuary 2019Rs. 141,000/-

(Ex-showroom Delhi)

  • Darknight  (New colour)
YZF-R15 Version 3.0 ABSJanuary 2019Rs. 139,000/-

(Ex-showroom Delhi)

  • Racing Blue
  • Thunder Grey


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