For me the type and capacity of the machine really does not matter, it just has to be involving and put a smile on my face. If there is something that I have learnt in the past many years of reviewing motorcycles is the fact that cubic capacity and fun are not directly related, in fact in most cases they do not even come up on the same page. The last small capacity motorcycle that I rode that impressed me a lot was the new generation TVS Victor. It does not set your the roads on fire, but for machine with a small engine it had a big heart that was very fuel efficient and so easy, comfortable, carefree and fun to ride. So naturally when the TVS Radeon came to us my eyes were all lit up.

The TVS Radeon on paper makes a strong case for itself, it has been priced right, looks pretty much like what it should and has streaks of interesting bits thrown around to make it stand apart. Before you watch the video, let me tell you this, the world may be going towards big capacity machines that make astronomical amounts of power, but it is machines like the Radeon that do the ground work in the real world, still relevant, still very much needed. We rate the TVS Radeon quite high in terms of actual real world usability with good mileage and ride experience and our video will tell you the rest.


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