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Royal Enfield Trials 350 review – what its all about

When it comes to nostalgia there is no other brand other than Royal Enfield that really pulls on the right strings. There always is a story to tell and the Trials 350 is no different. The original Bullet Trials 350 was launched in 1948 and soon after over the next 15 years won the International 6 days Trials competition 13 times with their star rider Johnny Brittain. It was in fact the first production motorcycle to use a swing arm.

The Bullet Trials 350 that we have now is the reincarnation of this machine and an ode to the incredibly talented rider. It of course receives updates that make it more well suited for its millennial role.

At the core the Bullet Trials 350 is the same as the Royal Enfield 350 line up but there are changes made to make it quite purpose built. For starters, its pretty much a single rider machine by design, the up swept exhaust and the lack of rear foot pegs reinforce that point.

The handle bar is now higher and comes with braces to make it sturdy. The mud guards are now shorter at both ends and the frame is an eye catching red!

The engine on the Bullet Trials 350 is the one that we have been used to for the past many years. This single cylinder 346 cc carbureted engine produces 28 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM and 19.8 BHP at 5250 RPM. We already know what this engine can do and in the Trials avatar it is not hugely different.

On the road, comfortable cruising is around the 70-80 mark but off the road is where things are interesting.

You have an almost carefree feeling throwing this machine around and even though it weighs 187 kgs you still can have a lot of fun.
What you will miss though is a some more low end grunt to kick that rear wheel out and power out in style, sideways. For the most part it is enough though and you can get busy riding and experimenting without having to worry about the bike spitting you out.

Royal Enfield Trials 350 review
Royal Enfield Trials 350 review

Refinement levels are at the typical Royal Enfield standards and efficiency was around the 35 kmpl mark.

The high and wide handle bars reinforced with the braces definitely make life on the rider seat better. You have good control on the machine. These allow you to move around the bike easily, immensely helpful in navigating the trails this bike is meant for with ease. The Trials 350 has decent road manners too but the button tyres off-course do not keep up if you are pushing it. This one is purely made to explore.

The brakes do a decent job at both ends and are backed by a dual channel ABS system. Although for a purpose-built bike like this, we really wish it was switchable especially for the rear if not the whole system.

Royal Enfield Trials 350
Royal Enfield Trials 350

At the end of the day, the story and the nostalgia behind the Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 350 is surely one that needs to be told.
The bike itself though fulfills a very specific requirement; it almost certainly is going to be a second bike. And for those that do move in this direction we think would actually have more fun on the 500. What do you think about the Trials 350?


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