Okinawa has confirmed that the i-Praise electric scooter has done well in terms of overall bookings in 2018. The uniquely tailored intelligent scooter has already received over 450 bookings and gets a detachable battery pack that can easily be taken to one’s workplace/home for charging purposes. 2-3 hours are required to charge the battery which ensures a range between 160-180 km. Bookings have been made across Tier-1 cities such as Ahmedabad, Pune and Bangalore along with Tier-II cities like Nasik, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Vishakhapatnam and Ambala and also Tier-III cities such as Bulandshahr, Mysore, Warangal, Gorakhpur, Trissur and Trichy.

These 450 buyers will start getting deliveries of their i-Praise scooters soon with the company planning to officially launch the vehicle by end-January 2019 itself. There will be several features available including a Virtual Speed Limit, detachable lithium-ion battery, Geo-fencing, Battery Health Tracker, Curfew hours, Continuous Monitoring, SOS notifications, Maintenance/Insurance reminders, Trips, Vehicle Status and Directions. There are LED daytime running lights along with a mobile charging port as well.

Okinawa i-Praise electric scooter
Okinawa i-Praise electric scooter

The Managing Director at Okinawa Scooters, Jeetender Sharma, stated that the company had initially gone by a target of 500 bookings by the 15th of January 2019 and it is delighted to have achieved 90% of the tally well in advance. He talked of how the detachable lithium-ion batteries are a major reason behind the growing popularity of the Okinawa i-Praise scooter. Sharma also added that sizable demand has been garnered from Tier-II and Tier-III cities which indicates greater acceptance of advanced electric mobility technologies and other key features like the lowered weight and long charging range offered by this intelligent scooter.


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