The new 2019 Dominar 400 promises to take the Dominar experience to the next level and make it a more complete motorcycle. From the list of changes it has received right from the engine to the design it surely seems to have become the motorcycle we wanted it to be back when it was launched. So, is it better? Lets find out!

The engine on the new 2019 Dominar is now revised and gets a double over head cam setup. This has allowed it to rev faster and freely and produce more power from pretty much the same engine configuration. It now produces a quite commendable 40 Ps of power and the way it gets delivered makes all the difference compared to before.

New 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 review
New 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 review

This engine now feels much more peppy below the 4k RPM mark making it more friendly and easier to use in urban conditions. Compared to the previous generation Dominar, the new version is more than half a second faster to the 100. And when you decide to stretch its legs for some spirited riding the precise gear box with the slipper clutch keeps things engaging.

Even the heat management and refinement are better than earlier. Out on the highway the Dominar is happy to cruise at the 100-120 k mark without seeming much stressed and enough left to go much faster without the need to downshift.

The redesigned exhaust end cans also produce a much more sporty and base filled sound which is especially involving for the rider at higher revs. Fuel economy was around the 25-28 kmpl mark.

Moving on to the handling aspect of the new Dominar 400, one thing that certainly feels different is the front end. It has a more planted feel than earlier and the front suspension is now a bit stiffer. This has made it more responsive when it comes to direction changes and allows you to have a more engaging ride around winding roads.

The handle bar is now also a bit higher and wider for a relaxed stance and better control. This combined with the softened rear suspension makes the Dominar 400 a much better rounded touring machine.

The brakes from Bybre even though now are radially mounted feel the same as earlier and have the same soft initial but progressive feel and do their job well combined with the dual channel ABS.

There are also minor cosmetic changes to the headlight that give it a more smoked out looked but functionally it remains the same.
Apart from the major changes that we have already talked about there is a lot of fine tuning that has been done to the new Dominar 400. It now has a more functional secondary display on the tank, but interestingly Bajaj recently rolled out an update that allows the gear position to be seen on the main display as well.

The mirror stalks have also been updated for wider better vision and they look premium and well made. The bungee attachment chords also is a great addition to the new Dominar.

2019 new Dominar 400 review
2019 new Dominar 400 review

Overall, the new Dominar 400 is a much well rounded package than before and also is quite well made as we already know by now. Being only marginally higher priced than its previous version it also offers a huge bang for buck. This unique placement makes it a strong contender for motorcycles in its own segment and infact in other segments as well.

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