Honda 2Wheelers India has confirmed that they are eyeing the middleweight performance category in the country. While it has no plans of bowing out from the mass-market categories where it is a leader in the scooter category with the popular Activa. YS Guleria, the Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda 2Wheelers India, stated that the middleweight segment is seriously being considered by the company.

He added that while there is a CKD line-up in place, the segment will be monitored with a view towards eventually launching these models as “Made in India” in the future. However, a volume base has to be achieved in order to move towards localisation, both from the point of view of possessing long-term supplier contracts and also from the view of financial feasibility. He stated that the CB300R is a niche product and customers at this price point will also be monitored by the company.

The performance line-up from Honda in India includes the Africa Twin, CB1000R, Goldwing and CB1000RR Fireblade. The CBR650F has been de-listed from the company site and the CBR650R replacement may launch soon and could be followed by other middleweight category models. Mr Guleria added that the company will continue to remain in mass segments and will keep foraying into more Tier II and III towns and cities to access volumes.

The CB650R and CBR650R may arrive soon in the country as per reports in the middleweight category, although the recently announced CBR400R may not make it to the Indian market anytime soon.


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