At the Auto Expo 2018 this year the only big bike launch that really made sense for India was that of the Suzuki GSX-S750. The bike will be made CKD and is expected around the 8 lakh ex-showroom mark. Power from the 749 cc in-line four engine is 114 PS at 10,500 rpm and 81 Nm at 9,000 rpm. The bike weighs 213 kg wet and is expected around April-May this year.

Powered by the heart of GSX-R, the GSX-S750 marks Suzuki Motorcycle India’s presence in the sub-1000 big-bike segment for the first time. From the bold, up swept lines of its crouched stance to the aggressive styling of its new headlight, fuel tank and body trim designs, every aspect of the Suzuki GSX-S750 speaks of the raw power, predictable performance and functional beauty inherit to a true apex predator. The new GSX-S750 will be Suzuki Motorcycle India’s second ‘Made-in-India’ big bike after the Hayabusa.


Suzuki GSX-S750 image gallery


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