ISI Helmet manufacture Association and the organised Helmet Industry are once again in high spirits as the cricket icon and Rajya Sabha MP, Sachin Tendulkar continues his campaign for safe two-wheeler riding. In a written note, Sachin Tendulkar has urged Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari to take action after fake helmet manufacturers.

In the letter addressed to the transport minister Tendulkar has brought to light the high rate of accidents involving two-wheeler drivers, and how it is significant that safety equipment for two-wheeler rider is of the highest quality.

In tune with this thought process and supporting Sachin Tendulakar’s effort, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, President, ISI Helmet manufacture Association said “We are glad Sachin Tendulkar has taken up this initiative. And coming from a sports person of such high repute we are not far from achieving our objective of doing away with fake helmets in the market.

Basis the current statics over 75% to 80% of helmets used by two-wheeler riders across India do not meet ISI standards. And this is an alarming number as the market is flooded with sub-standard products that compromise on safety despite a fourth of all road deaths involves two-wheeler occupants.

Regardless of the fact that wearing a helmet is a good way to ensure safety; in our country, riders take it too lightly and hence buy cheap headwear, which compromises on their road safety. And unfortunately, this has worsened the situation and giving rise to the substandard helmet manufacturers.

To manufacture a single helmet as per the industry standards and specification, the minimum making cost is Rs.300-400. It is not viable to manufacture helmets with the prescribed requirement in below Rs. 500. And it is this price lag which has encouraged the sprouting of helmet market with cheap and imitation products.”

Sachin Tendulkar has done a fabulous job as he has raised this issue of helmet safety and quality in his letter. “I am writing to you to request your ministry to consider action against helmet manufacturers using low-grade material and selling it with a fake ISI mark. As sportspersons, we understand the importance of using original high-quality safety equipment when we go to play on the field. The same original high-quality standards need to be maintained when it comes to helmets that will be used by two-wheeler riders in India,” Tendulkar stated in his letter as per media reports.

As a proactive campaigner for road safety, Tendulkar has been habitually seen influencing people to use helmets, during traffic signal halts, in social media posts. Supposedly, the government is considering penalising non-ISI or fake ISI marked helmet manufacturers and the good news is soon awaited. We just hope the higher grade (DOT, Snell, ECE) helmets do not fall under the “non-ISIS” tag and get banned.


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