Yamaha has announced a voluntary recall for the Yamaha FZ 25 and the Fazer 25 for a possible issue that could seize the engine. Below is the official release from the company regarding the same. Although the effects of this could be fatal, the issue is rather easy to get repaired and please head on to your authorised service centre to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Yamaha FZ 25 and Fazer 25 recall statement

“Our continuous research and inspection procedures at Yamaha recently detected a flaw which may exist in the motorcycle owned by you. Determined to be the loosening of “Head cover bolt” in FZ 25/FAZER 25 motorcycle, this bolt must be tightened to a specified torque after applying recommended loctite at the earliest in your motorcycle.

Please be ensured that no accident or safety-related issues have been reported to Yamaha so far, however, as a responsible manufacturer of global repute, Yamaha has initiated the campaign to repair the affected motorcycles through bolt retightening after application of loctite.

There is no repairing cost involved for this repair activity and it can be completed within few minutes.

We request you to visit any Yamaha authorised dealer for the mentioned repairs. You are also requested to avoid operating your FZ 25/FAZER 25 motorcycle before the activity as a precaution.”

Please head on to the link to check if your engine is part of the recall.


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