Okinawa has been at the forefront of implementing a multi-platform awareness strategy to familiarise Indian commuters with the various benefits of EVs which provide the same power and performance as vehicles run on conventional fuel sources. The Okinawa team has also continually focused on educating commuters on the massive role that EVs can play in ensuring environmental sustainability.

It has further complemented this endeavour by launching the #iStand campaign in Pune last week, wherein people voiced their opinions on various environmental concerns prefixed with the #iStand, such as #istandfor environment, #istand for the future generation etc. Okinawa plans to continue this initiative for the prestigious Auto Expo as well, to promote green mobility on the massive canvas of the event

The first step to change is knowing what to change. Take a stand and tell them what you think needs an overhaul around you. Send your video or comment entries on Okinawa’s official Facebook page with the hashtag #iStand, and stand a chance to win, two passes to the Auto Expo 2018.


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