The Mahindra Mojo is one of those motorcycles that you just cannot ignore. From concept to production it changed from a street sport to one of the best touring machines we have in our country. But usability apart, its design still remains controversial and that debate is never ending. Either ways it’s been a few years now since we had the Mojo and now Mahindra has thought fit to make a version that is more approachable. And for this the original Mojo has gone under the knife and now we have the Mojo UT 300.

The changes are many and directed at reducing the sticker price and starts out right at the front. The almost iconic golden coloured up side down forks are now replaced with normal telescopic forks.

While the headlight console remains the same, the UT version now does not have the DRL’s. Also the double silencer system has been dropped for a single silencer system and most importantly the engine is now carburetted. The move to carb has also seen a drop in power and the same engine now produces 23.1 Ps @ 7500 RPM and 25.2 Nm @ 5500 RPM.

Now the original Mojo which has been renamed to the Mojo XT 300 already ran a rather relaxed engine and understandably we were a bit worried when we saw the power figures of the UT. But that said the ride experience has been quite pleasant and here is why.

The moment you thumb the starter on the UT 300 you realise that there is a carburettor beneath you. The engine now runs a bit coarser at lower revs and it’s not until you reach the 4k mark that the engine settles in.

Mojo UT 300
Mahindra Mojo UT 300

But after that its smooth sailing and you are reminded why we always loved this engine. Out on the highway it will sit comfortably at around 100-110 kmph mark and still have enough juice for that overtake. You will need to shift down for that overtake though as the 6th gear is massively overdriven.

In the city the strong bottom end keeps you happy and the gear box keeps up with the frequent shifts required for bumper to bumper riding. We got a mileage figure of about 26 kmpl and combine that with the 21 litre tank capacity and you can expect a tank range in excess of 500 kms.

Now the changes in the front forks have also resulted in a shorter rake angle and expectedly a slightly reduced wheelbase. But this small change has made the UT 300 a better handling machine than the XT.

It now turns in easier and is much more nimble, be it the city, highways or the winding mountain roads. It also feels lighter to handle and much more responsive to rider inputs. Weirdly though the change in weight between the XT and UT even with the different front suspension and drop in an exhaust can is just about 1.5 kgs. Dry weight is now 163.5 kgs.

The riding position on the Mojo UT 300 remains comfortable and relaxed and once you settle in, you can continue for many a mile without halt. Both versions now actually come with a bigger seat improving rider and pillion comfort and the frame below the tank has slightly been widened to accommodate this.

We only wish the bike came with a shorter turning radius to aid those tight U turns because at the end of the day this can easily double up as your daily ride and your touring machine. The brakes have always been a concern on the Mojo and there has been an effort to improve it. It now has a sharper initial bite but still could be much better and while the actual braking action is good, the lack of feed back sometimes keeps you guessing.

The Pirelli tyres were definitely missed and while the stock MRF Zapper tyres that replace it are not bad in any way, they take their time to heat up and start gripping.

Mahindra Mojo UT 300 review
Mahindra Mojo UT 300 review

The build quality on the UT 300 is good and while there are some places that could have used a bit more attention there are no glaring let downs. Overall the Mahindra Mojo UT 300 can be summed up as a budget Mojo and one that remains a good touring machine.

It retains its friendly nature and at the current price point of 1.39 lakh ex-showroom which is an introductory price, it is one of the best buys in the segment for someone who wants a well-made, relaxed and reliable machine. Add ABS and it would have been near perfect.


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