Kawasaki India has just launched the classic Kawasaki Z900 RS in India. The Z900 RS is a perfect concoction of the 1970s’ original king of cool Z1 and the modern Z900, which has every potential to satisfy the desire of riders of all types.

Backed by Kawasaki’s latest rider support technology, the engine and the frame get benefited from advanced analysis technology. Conceived as an homage to the legendary Z1, it is powered by a liquid-cooled 900cc-class In-Line Four – an engine choice that makes Z900 RS unique in this category. While Kawasaki In-Line Four engines are historically renowned for their great-sounding exhausts, this is the first time that Kawasaki has conducted sound research to craft a model’s ideal exhaust note.

Kawasaki Z900 RS images
Kawasaki Z900 RS images

The Managing Director of India Kawasaki Motors Mr. Yutaka Yamashita expressed “We decided to launch Kawasaki Z900 RS, as there is eagerness and excitement among our smattering Indian customers for this high range premium product. We hope that Z900 RS will create a league of its own. Kawasaki believes that Z900 RS is ideal for riders those who search for a bike with character and a rich history.”

To achieve the Z900 RS’ look and feel, great pain & attention to details were directed on things like timeless looks that blend Z1-styling with modern technology and craftsmanship techniques. Z900 RS is equipped with advance features like KRTC (Kawasaki Traction Control), LED headlight, multi-function LCD screen nestled between dual analogue-style speedometers and tachometer dials.

In order to create an unique engine character the Z900 RS was tuned for low-mid range, delivering strong high-rpm operation that facilitates control for riders of all skill. Below 7,000 RPM, the engine pulls more strongly than the Z900. Stylish engine fins built into the cylinder head create the image of an air-cooled engine – a nod to the Z900 RS’ heritage, which traces back to the Z1.

The Z900 RS is purely made in Kawasaki factory of Japan and has been successful in Europe, Japan & USA. In India the classic Z900 RS will be available in two colour options – candy tone brown / candy tone orange and its price will be Rs. 15,30,000 ex-showroom. Check out our detailed look at the Kawasaki Z900 RS for a better understanding of this classic bike with more images and detailed specifications.


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