Making its grand comeback is the 2018 edition of the Honda CBR 250R. Honda says this new CBR draws inspiration from the rich CBR lineage, how exactly we do not know. The updated CBR 250R now comes with all-LED headlamp with position lamp, 2-channel ABS, completely new graphics and 2 new sporty colours (NEW Mars Orange, NEW Striking Green) in addition to the Pearl Sports Yellow, Sports Red and Vibrant Orange (Repsol). Watch the new CBR 250R video below.


We would have loved to see the CBR 300R launched but I guess we still need to wait for that. But the more you think about it you realise that with CBR 300R Honda would never have won the pricing war in this segment. The new Apache RR 310 has been priced at ex-showroom 2.05 lakh and the other motorcycles similarly priced are the Mojo, Himalayan and the Duke 250. The Honda CBR 300R would definitely be more costly than the 250 and then the specs would stand out as not sufficient for the price. Damn, the economics is confusing with too many variables. Either ways the fact is that we still need to wait for the CBR 300R how much longer only Honda knows.

The new and updated Honda CBR 250R however will reach us later this year mostly around April with a slight price hike. Check out the images below.

2018 Honda CBR 250R image gallery


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