Not many are acquainted with the American motorcycle brand Cleveland Motorcycles and their motorcycles the Cleveland Ace and the Ace Deluxe. Now with the massive price cut, it might just come into everybody’s attention. Since the American brand has only just entered the Indian market, is has to follow the CKD route of getting their bikes delivered in India, which means the buyers have to shell out far more than what they would be paying for a similar capacity bike from another brand. The first 200 units of the Ace Deluxe will hence be offered at a discount of Rs 38,000/- to attract clients and after the cut, the prices are expected to be around Rs 1.85 lakhs. Although Cleveland Motorcycles has another of its bikes, the Misfit, in the Indian market as well, no such discounts or schemes are being offered on it.

Cleveland Motorcycles Ace Deluxe
Cleveland Motorcycles Ace Deluxe

The price cut has also come in the wake of the Jawa bikes and the new Royal Enfield bikes entering the Indian market, and there is a possibility that most would opt for the larger capacity bikes in comparison to the 300 cc bikes that Cleveland Motorcycles is offering. The Deluxe is powered by a 229 cc Single Cylinder Engine with an output of 15.4 hp at 7,000 RPM and the maximum torque of 16 Nm at 6000 RPM. Talks are also on for the local assembly of the bikes and that would surely bring down the prices further in the future.


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