Cleveland CycleWerks, the youngest American motorcycle brand will venture into the Indian auto market soon with its affordable retro-inspired American bikes at the Auto Expo 2018.

Cleveland CycleWerks has established itself as a strong brand in a short span of time globally with distribution across 23 countries and is now entering India in collaboration with Laish Madison Motor Werks Private Limited (LMMW) to offer high-quality and affordable motorcycles for its India consumers. Headquartered in Mumbai, the brand has a fully integrated assembly facility near Hyderabad which will help deliver the latest design and exceptional service.

Cleveland’s American-branded motorcycles are ergonomically designed with superior technology, classic retro-inspired design, and affordable price point. It will cater to the needs of the young and growing middle class in India with an ever-growing ambition and disposable income looking for a bike that stands out in terms of performance, looks, and price.


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