The price hike that is expected in the US market for the BMW S1000RR superbike is based on the hike in the European markets. There has been a hike of €1,200 which is expected next year. The outgoing model was retailing in the US at a price of $16,000 and one could expect a rise of about $1000 in the price tag for the US markets. However, it could actually be much higher.

The price hike, although logical, could still be wrong based on the international financial situation. The dollar has been weakening against the Euro for the past year along a 10% margin. The rise in the price might be considerably high and with all calculations in place, the new price in the US could be around $22,185 which is a 38% price increase over the outgoing model.

There are other factors like taxes and fees involved, but such a great increase in price could still be checked if the and pricing is reduced on packaging, and the company’s 3easy financing scheme could also be modified. It is already expected that $20,000 base prices for bikes is going to be a new norm and BMW is clearly slated to be one of the first in taking this bold step.

2019 BMW S 1000 RR
2019 BMW S 1000 RR


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