BMW Motorrad India has now introduced a standard warranty of ‘three years, unlimited kilometres’ across its complete range of motorcycles (except HP4 Race). With this, BMW Motorrad has become the first brand in the premium segment to offer such an attractive proposition to the customers.

The ‘three years, unlimited kilometres’ standard warranty is being offered directly by BMW Motorrad and is valid throughout the world. The standard warranty is included in the ex-showroom price of the motorcycles and customers would now be able to enjoy the warranty benefits for three years, regardless of the number of kilometres their BMW Motorrad motorcycle clocks.

For complete peace of mind and to ensure that the journey of pure motorcycling continues uninterrupted at all times, customers also have an option to extend warranty to fourth and fifth year. This extended warranty is as comprehensive as the ‘three years, unlimited kilometres’ standard warranty, meaning that there are no exclusions in the fourth or fifth year.

BMW Motorrad India announces 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty
BMW Motorrad India announces 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty

Existing customers who have purchased a BMW Motorrad bike from an authorised dealer between 1 April 2017 and 17 July 2018 also have the option to convert their existing warranty to ‘three years, unlimited kilometres’ standard warranty package at an attractive price. The option to avail the fourth and fifth year extended warranty is also open to them.

The standard warranty offered by BMW Motorrad protects customers against any surprises related to service costs which include drive-train, electricals and other integral components of the bike.


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