The Bajaj Dominar 400 has created history by becoming the 1st Indian bike to conquer the world’s toughest journey along with its equally tough riders – The Trans Siberian Odyssey.  The journey spanned over 53 days traversing about 15,600 km across 6 countries, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and back into Russia. This translates in to nearly 390 km of hyper-riding every day across all kinds of terrain i.e. high altitude passes, grasslands, river beds, sand, rocky terrains, dirt trails, steep gradients, loose gravel, and harsh extreme temperatures. All without any service support or back-up from Bajaj.

The Dominar 400 scaled some of the world’s most difficult of terrains on this Trans-Siberian Odyssey including more than 3000 km being covered on the famous Stalin era Road of Bones. It also became the only Indian bike to tame Charyn Canyon also known as little brother of Great Canyon, which features a sheer drop of over 100 meters at a 45 degree incline.

The challenge was taken up by 3 passionate and experienced riders – Deepak Kamath, Dilip Bhat and Sudhir Prasad. Deepak Kamath has been riding for over 21 years now and has a record in his name for the Continental Raid. Dilip started touring early at an age of 20 and has never looked back. Sudhir is a Motoholic and has started touring since 2009.

These 3 Hyper Riders who made this mission possible were felicitated in Mumbai by Bajaj Auto for their outstanding spirit and achievement.

Speaking on the occasion of the milestone achievement, Mr. Eric Vas, President – Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto Ltd, said – “Dominar 400 has redefined long-distance riding. While riding to Leh & Ladakh during the three months of summer is considered to be the touring benchmark in India, the Dominar 400 allows motorcyclists to raise the bar to altogether another level.

The fact that the gruelling Trans-Siberian Odyssey was completed using stock Dominars without any major part change or breakdown is testimony to the superior design, quality and technology of the Dominar 400.”

He added – “We are here to celebrate this milestone achieved by hyper-riders Deepak Kamath, Dilip Bhat, Sudhir Prasad and their Dominars. Covering an average of 390 km every day for 53 straight days across the most varied and toughest of terrains with no service back-up, is a commendable motorcycling feat that speaks volumes about the grit, determination and toughness of both the hyper-riders and their Dominars.”

The 3 Dominars which have completed the Trans-Siberian Odyssey and the riders will now embark upon a victory tour across the country and stop at 10 key metro cities. They will visit Bajaj Auto dealerships where fellow Dominar owners can meet them, learn from their experiences and even ride with them.

Key Details of the Trans-Siberian Odyssey

  • Leg 1: Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan : 1600 km
  • Leg 2: Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan: 2400 km
  • Leg 3: Kazakhstan – Russia: 1980 km
  • Leg 4: Russia – Mongolia – Russia: 3440 km
  • Leg 5: Russia – Kolyma Highway : 4600 km
  • Leg 6: Russia – The Road of Bones – The Old Summer Route :1580 km

    Deepak Kamath

A rider since the age 19, this isn’t Deepak’s first dance. He is an all-out explorer with numerous national adventures across India. A holder of multiple records including a World Record for circumnavigating the world, Deepak has lived his passion for adventure touring through multiple rides across India and Nepal.

Sudhir Prasad

Describing himself as a Motoholic, Sudhir is one of India’s most upcoming adventure riders having participated in multiple national riding competitions since ’09 and is one of the 10 finalists of the Wrangler True Wanderer 4.0 competition. He’s completed hyperrides through Ladakh, the treacherous trails of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, Bhutan and the frigid roads from Kishtwar to Killar through Pangi Valley.

Dilip Bhat

Always longing for an opportunity to hit the roads, Dilip is a hardcore petrol head.
He started at the age of 20 and has never looked back since. He’s completed multiple rallies across all 4 corners of the country and then some. Dilip has also successfully covered the deadly roads from Kishtwar to Killar, through Pangi Valley similar to his riding partners.

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