Continuing with our trend of providing you the biker with high quality content, we have for you here detailed part by part images of the Suzuki Gixxer SF. The Suzuki Gixxer SF images we have here along with the wallpapers we shared earlier re-enforces the fact that the Suzuki Gixxer SF is definitely one good looking motorcycle. At first the full fairing seemed like an overkill on the small capacity single cylinder motorcycle. But it was only when we saw the motorcycle in flesh that we realised how good it looks. Yes, overall, it still remains a rather tiny motorcycle, and of course the high handlebars feel awkward for a full faired motorcycle. But like we said, all is forgiven when you see the motorcycle. Take the SF for a spin and you realise what a friendly motorcycle it is. The engine has always been the strong point on both the naked and the faired version. Suzuki have found a sweet spot with the engine, the motorcycle loves to rev and is a ball of fun across the RPM range. The weight and handling is another key area of the Suzuki Gixxer SF. It is very light and the handling is up there with the best. The fairing has not affected the flickability one bit, and it continues to be a pleasure to ride in city. Of course check out the detailed review of the Gixxer SF to understand what the motorcycle is all about. We leave you with the Suzuki Gixxer SF images.


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