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Suzuki Gixxer SF HD wallpapers

Suzuki Gixxer SF review

Good looking motorcycles always get special attention and going by how the Suzuki Gixxer SF looks, it definitely warrants an exclusive shoot. So keeping with the IAMABIKER tradition here are the Suzuki Gixxer SF HD wallpapers to adorn your desktops and mobile phones. The Suzuki Gixxer SF basically is the fully faired version of the naked Suzuki Gixxer and not much is very different. The fairing adds better aerodynamics, propelling the Gixxer SF to a top speed of 131 kmph. The engine has always been the strong point and continues to impress. For a detailed look at the Gixxer SF and to know how it performs in the real world, check out our Suzuki Gixxer SF review.

The Gixxer SF comes in three colour options, the special MotoGP livery blue seen here, and then a white and black colour option. No prizes for guessing which colour option looks the best, the MotoGP blue livery hands down. Everywhere we took the bike, we turned heads and there were even folks who thought it was a full fledged superbike due to the full fairing and bright blue colour. The only thing better than the looks of the Gixxer SF is the pricing. Priced at just above 1 lakh rupees on-road, no other full faired motorcycle comes anywhere close. And going by the sales, the Suzuki Gixxer SF is a definite hit, with dealerships doing very good numbers. Goes on to show how exactly the Indian market is. People seem to want big bike looks at a decent price, power comes secondary. And with the naked Gixxer already having proven that the engine is a pure gem, the Gixxer SF just takes the game further. We would have loved lower handlebars and a rear disc, but lets leave that discussion at the review page. We leave you with the Suzuki Gixxer SF HD wallpapers, as always, just click on the image to open the high resolution version.



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