The updated Yamaha T-Max for 2012 was premiered at the 69th edition of the EICMA in Milan. The maxi scooter has not changed much visually, but has major internal changes. The new T-Max gets all its updates focused on its engine and the gearbox and related weight loss. The new engine on Yamaha, gets more torque available at lower and medium RPM’s. The internals of the engine get lighter components and uses a crankshaft made of  aluminum. The new two-cylinder inline engine is of 530 cc. The T-Max also gets a updated exhaust system. The CVT transmission has also been revised and now uses new belt mechanism that provides a more linear acceleration.

Fact is, the Yamaha T-Max now behaves more like a real motorcycle. Which includes weight distribution and balance very similar to that of a motorcycle. Another contributor to the weight reduction is the aluminum swing arm. The braking system is made of dual discs of diameter diameter 267 mm with four pistons and an over sized disc of diameter of 282 mm at the rear. Yamaha have not yet released a official spec sheet of the T-max.


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