Its just strange that every now and then for the past couple of months that these alleged ‘spy’ shots of the new R15 keep popping up. Planted or not, these are definitely generating a lot of buzz among bikers and the biggest debate being that of the cubic capacity and bhp figures of the bike.

Again the new pics that keep popping up are good enough to make you understand that its an all new R15 but then that’s it. The stickers are not legible and that definitely adds to the suspense of the new bike.  Earlier there were strong indications of Yamaha working on a 250cc, but that was targeted towards the Fazer.

Things that can be deduced from the (latest amazingly scoop spy shot by some insider at Yamaha who is still working there after releasing a spy shot once before too :D ) are:

1. New tail section + split seats

2. Led tail lamps

3. New funny looking mud cover/guard ;)

4. Slightly modified side for the front fairing

5. A design change in the silencer

6. New alloys

7. Fatter rear tyre

8. And in all probability will there will be minor changes in the gearing ratios to provide better low end torque.

It wont be long before this hits the market, as previous spy shots clearly showed a assembly or more likely a training session for the mechs before the bikes hit the showroom.

We personally are not expecting a bigger mill and expecting this to be more cosmetic that a performance upgrade.  What do you think ?




  1. […] new R15 V2.0 for the year 2011 was received with a lot of mixed feelings. The spy pictures floating around ensured a huge build up of interest for the launch. For few it was the shattering of a dream […]

    The new yamaha R15 version 2.0 will b release on 6th sept at 4:30 onwards in New Delhi……….:)
    I m too curious to know about the specifications and price of that bike…….

  3. hey frnzzz…..yamaha has stopped the production of da previous r15…….so dat clearly meanz dat da new model is gonna launch very soon…….expected to launch by da end of August(2011)……nd datz confirmed……!!!!!!

  4. i`ll happy to buy the yamaha
    r15 ………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….!

  5. hai guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yamaha inturduse new model r15 ……………………….
    yes yamaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoy the new year with a new yamaha r15 !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Richard Lawry,maybe we should ask them if there is a higher displacement planned..
    They have been diplom by saying there is no new R15 expected..:)

    It’s just a hope that the displacement is higher and they are conveniently keeping everything underwraps…

  7. Guys… Again i asked in another showroom in malad (mumbai) these guys here say theres no chance of any new R15 this year or next year and said has not yet stopped production of the current R15 so there is no chance for new one. They also say that all those images floating on the internet are not of any yamaha production… Now this is really turning me off yaar

  8. guys,new yamaha will launch in this september or in jaunary 7th AUTO EXPO 2012.they increase the power in the R15 is on road test going on.and also its with ABS and NO)ON ABS.
    price with ABS-1.30, with ABS-1.10. so will wait for that.sajan wait n enjoy this new year with R15.


  10. hey guys…pls tell me r u guys gona launch “r15 abs”….or nt….cos im gona buy ma first bike…..n i wnt da bst…if u guys gona launch da abs i’ll wait 4 it…if u guys r gona launch it soon den pls tell me i cnt wait longer….to hop on ma r15….or tell me….wen da new model r15 gona launch in vishakapatnam….pls….

  11. @Richard Lawry 2013? or did you mean 2012??? If the wait is for 2012,Honda would have had a nice cut in the market..yamaha will start catching up a little too late..
    Bajaj/KTM etc. are in the pipeline for 2011. Yamaha seem to have lost its way when things are going well for them…I hope Yamaha has kept everything under wraps and not revealing the real deal…We all eagerly waiting and postponing our buys,with a long wait for Yamaha,just makes things worse…Let the common sense prevail and we buy CBR250R…It’s easy to spot an alien warship these days than trying to understand what Yamaha is upto..maybe they will launch a surface-to-air missile…LOL

  12. Guys i am from mumbai, i asked a yamaha showroom guy about the new r15, he said there is no new r15 or r125 coming by this year he said chances are there in the year 2013… Damn that news just broke my heart. I think i should move on for cbr250r. Yamaha has had always been my priority but i didn’t expect this much delay from them.

  13. please say what is the lunching date of new model i have a r15 but i want to buy a new model very kindly i request yamaha to release the new model r15 and r125 very soon.otherwise he lost many costomer.because other companys are alreadylunches his bikes.

    • Hi Chandan,

      At this point of time there is no official news of the launch dates for the bike. We will definitely pass on the information here once its available :)

  14. guys,important news from YAMAHA R15,yesterday i went yamaha showroom the new 2011 r15 engine is indian make so the engine will not be in good quality..but old r15 is an japan made engine,we will belive n pray the god the engine should be in good also waiting for new r15.

  15. Hi,Thanks for your comments.Just to clarify,I was comparing to 150CC FAZER. It is not that i am comparing to demean R15,i infact love this bike,hence on this page!.
    I seriously believe that it deserves to its liking a better torque. I for one have ridden FAZER and R15 (150ccs),I simply believe that the former is much more torquey ,it just shows. Now coming to comparison,R15 per se is not a displacement game and it is comparable to 220s and 180s. One or the other way it is close t equivalent. Displacement counts to certain extent but tech if well used can create wonder machines like R15. I am voting for R15 and asking for more torque.That’s about it. Top-end speeds will not always help,but to claim.

  16. @X STUNTER Thanks for your comments,i am not comparing 150 to 250..I corrected saying it’s Fazer 150.You being the owner of r15,all i could say is that I just felt it to be too slow in the mid-range. R15 150 per se,is not a comparable 150CC with other bikes,simply bcause even a KTM 125 cC is far more powerful than 150s/220s due to ECU settings. Having said that,for the price and tech that you pay for,R15 is a slowermachine. I have no qualms when it comes to the topend,but not the mid range..It’s just my opinion. You can check the torque curves on R15 versus maybe Fazer 150..It should be available out there on the net..Thanks,Aj

  17. And ya i da fazer i just mentioned in my previous comment is da one u were talkin about fazer 250 cc.. Even if it does exist i dun thnk its available in india and about pulsar its a great machine but every single bike has diffrnt use and purpose and pulsar is awesome in its own kind wiz., 220 cc and r15 is awesome in its own kind wiz., 150 cc..

  18. @ jaja- i believe dat da r15’s torque u r talkin bout wich u feel less in a 150 cc byk i definitely wrong.. No offense dude bt i own r15 2010 white with red stripes and believe me i’had never experienced the thrill which i experiencd frm r15 and i live in a hill station so u can say dat my r15 has burnd the curves, ups and down of the hill. I do agree dat pulsar 220 has a greater engine n great performance and can’t commnt on fazer cuz i’ve neva seen it but cumon dude u r comparin a 150 cc bike wid a 250 cc bike… I love r15 dere is no other 150 cc bike which can beat r15, well atleast not in india.. Its one of a kind.

  19. Hi , i m really looking forward in the release of yhe new r15 2011 model … Could u tell me the details of when it would be releasing (approx.) , the price and launch … I want this baby asap …

  20. In it’s current version,this bike is too slow..Hope they add in some extra mid-range grunt(if they have plans to launch that is). I believe in Torque over top speed and this bike lacks it ‘seriously’. I took it to the hills but yeah,the Fazer250 and Pulsar220,pulled off effortlessly,but i struggled with this bike.

  21. Dear Avin,

    In my previous comment i only spoke about Yamaha R15 bike.but i forgot to mention that
    We bikers are really thankfull to you guys for giving us great knowledge about bikes as well as current bike market scenario.
    hope so in future you will keep up the same passion to peovide us those valuable information.


    Avinash Mahadik

    • Hi Avinash,

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. All of us at IAMABIKER are very happy to get such a beautiful response. We will definitely keep providing our readers with the best possible information as and when it happens and definitely with consistent support from bikers like your self we will keep going from strength to strength in getting you the best information.

  22. I am waiting for this bike for long long time, when is this bike hitting roads, i would love to buy as soon as they release………..
    any date……………..?

  23. quite confusing to say the least…I think,given the responses and feedback Yamaha received on R15,it only proves a second time or rather time to time,that this would be a cosmetic change and slight tweaks in power. Still, a 4-Valve engine can be tweaked for torque. R15,as is, is a nice bike. Looks good with its new look appealing to the eyes and sense. Hope they actually launch the version series soon..Contrary to few views on different internet pages,I personally do not believe this to be a R125 though!!..THat will be a bad strategy on Yamaha‘s part to dish out something lower than expected and targetting a 125 cc. market. Obviously,the market for 125 with a sport bike demand is almost non-existent.

    • Definitely not a R125 like you said, does not make any business sense especially for CC driven India.

  24. Thanx Avin for a clearer picture and a encouraging post. As agreed by Yamaha back office, its Yamaha YZF R15’s new avatar for sure. But we need to still speculate on engine specifications, price and launch ;)

  25. When there was announcement to launch of R 125 in india.i had strange feeling in my mind that if R125 is so attractive then why buyers will buy R15?second thought buyer will shift his interest to other new bikes as R15 has old look.and R125 will be sumwhat responcible for this.
    Yamaha has come with strategy that instead of launching other bikes in market.make cosmetic changes in existing bikes and sell it.if you see fz16 series thay have done the same.
    so may be we can predict that before launching R125 yamaha will re-launch R15 wth new look to encash new and existing buyers to buy this bike.then thay will launch R125 to capture 125 cc segment(thay will be the first to start 125cc race bike segment)
    as we see fz16 series scenario thay have not done any engine may be it’s like osasis that we hope for engine upgradation in this R15.


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