Previous ABS systems were based on passenger-car technology, making them too large to be installed in smaller motorcycles. That was when Bosch came into play and developed an ABS series especially for motorbikes. We are talking about the ABS generation 9, only half the size of its predecessor, and which currently features in models made by Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati, and KTM.

Now, Bosch came to announce it has made the system modular, thus available for every motorbike, from the reasonably priced entry-level machine to the super-sports model.

There are three variants available now: ABS 9 base, ABS 9 plus, and ABS 9 enhanced, all intended to be used widely in all motorcycles with hydraulic brake systems.

Taken separately, the ABS 9 base offers full anti-lock protection. Moreover, sudden changes in road surface, caused for example by grit or patches of oil, are no longer a threat, making it easier for inexperienced riders.

On the other hand, the ABS 9 plus variant is especially suitable for powerful machines. Because it uses an additional pressure sensor, it takes effect even when pressure is being built up during emergency braking This specifically prevents the rear wheel rising, and thus heads off the risk of flipping over.

ABS 9 enhanced, the most powerful version, offers the additional eCBS function (electronic combined brake system). Bosch claims it is enough for the rider to operate just one of the two brakes — front or rear, as ABS 9 enhanced automatically applies the second brake without the rider having to apply more pressure and without changing braking strength. The motorbike can thus brake safely both on wet surfaces and on dry surfaces with a good grip.


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