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Tips on buying a new bike / motorcycle

Gone are the days when motorcycles where just a commuter option. The choice that we bikers have now are vast and at the same time confusing.
Here is a quick set of tips that you should keep in mind when you are out to buy that dream machine of yours.

1. Whats your budget?

The first and primary step, decide on how much you want to spend.

2. What are you going to use the bike for?

Ask yourself the basic question what is it that you are going to use the bike for. Touring? Stunting? City riding? Track riding? Off-road riding? or mix and match of the above options.

3. What are all the manufacturers out there?

There are lots of new manufactures coming into India every one of them giving you an option. Shortlist all that interest you.

4. Test ride.

Once you have a list of probables, your decision is never close to completion until you test ride each bike on the list. In most of the cases this is the decisive step.

5. Make sure the dealership is genuine.

There are lots of ‘offers’ that you might receive that make it seem that you are saving money. But most of them in the long term make sure that either you end up paying the same or more with lesser services that a major dealer would offer.

6. The best time to buy a bike?

All festivals usually see the best financing options coming up. The motorcycle market demand being pretty much a constant one, festivals times are when most dealers offer better discounts to increase volume of sales. Also make sure you do not buy it in the last couple of months of the year. This would help you increase the year of purchase which is good in re-sale point of view.

7. Current owners.

It would be good if you can have a word with existing owners of the bike and find out issues or any other note worthy information like mileage, spare availability etc.

8. Visit multiple dealerships.

Its a good practice to visit multiple dealerships and get quotes from them such that, you can get the best possible discount.

9. Finance options.

This in one are that you have to be very clear about.  Make sure of checking the actual interest rate rather than the quoted one.

10. Inspection before registration.

Most people perform a on delivery inspection. However it is wise to select your bike yourself and make sure you go through it in detail for manufacturing defects.

11. And of-course inspection after registration.

Similarly perform a check on the bike at the time of delivery to make sure you are getting the same undamaged piece.

12. Listen to your heart.

At the end of the day there is nothing that can convince you more.

And don’t forget that helmet and riding gear!