Luca Marini is Valentino Rossi’s 13 year old step-brother. Already a pocket bike expert, Luca also rides a Honda NSF 100, and participates in the Honda Italian Racing Project in the Junior Category (10-13 year olds). HIRP is basically a riding school that teaches and trains 24 young and budding riding talents, who are schooled in riding safety and techniques and then go on track to race in their own small championship. Luca placed 5th in his category this 2008.

The young racer, who thanks to having  some of the winning DNA as his successful older brother, won the MiniGP 80cc race in Italy starting from pole position and leading the race from start to finish.

Luca comments on his first race win were anything but a excited 13 year old’s: “I’m really happy with this result, and with the consistency we showed all weekend. My RMU 80cc two-stroke was the right choice, and the bike was really strong. I felt good today, and I won an important race for my career.”

With all the people from the motoring industry keeping a keen eye on this boy wonder , its going to be a big hard climb with all the expectations on his  young shoulder especially due to his more popular brother.


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