Rumours and spy pics of the KTM 200 pop up almost every day, ever since we got whiff of KTM bringing in a junior Duke into India. It’s refreshing to see videos and reviews of it on the internet and this one will satiate our hunger a teeny bit.

Here’s proof of when you give Slovenian stunter Rok Bagoros a KTM 125 and let him loose in a parking lot. The motorcycle definitely seems capable of such antics. Or is it the rider? We can’t wait to get our hands on one.


  1. […] the excitement and full us with anxiety about the KTM line up for India. We earlier should you the video of Rok Bagoros practicing on his KTM 125 and now spending the most of his free time in his van during this year, travelling from one show […]

  2. These are indeed times of our lives…we get to witness so many launches and get to see so many teasers…Hope we get what we see..


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