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Review: DSG Phoenix Riding Jacket

DSG has quite some good riding jackets in the affordable range. Starting from the DSG Nero,Falcon and Maze, their latest addition to the lineup is the Phoenix.

I can say the Phoenix has had some corners cut to save weight while keeping the Nero in mind. One look at the Phoenix tells you its just built to do the job.

To start of with the basics, a  denier is a unit of measure of the tightness or density of the fabric’s weave. Cordura is the material itself (heavy woven nylon). The bigger the number, the stronger/heavier the material is.
For example 1000 Denier is stronger/heavier and a coarser weave than 500 Denier.

Coming to the DSG phoenix, it is built using a Reinforced Nylon/Polymer based 600 Denier Cordura Fabric. This material is light to carry, yet tears a lot easily than its heavier and coarser counterparts. That does not mean this jacket can’t handle abuse.

Comfort is something DSG has well thought of. Pre-curved arm sleeves ensure that the riders arms don’t fatigue after prolonged riding. The material is water resistant, mind you it is NOT water proof. Mild rains don’t affect riding at all. Well placed zip actuated air vents provided ample cross ventilation between the front and back. One water proof internal pocket and two deep external pockets are provided. Water always manages to get inside the internal pocket and tends to remain there.

1  year of usage and it has accompanied me in every kind of weather condition apart from snow and sub zero temperatures. DSG also claims a freeze resistance of -25 degrees Celsius. The Velcro patches are of good quality and the zip liners now shows signs of wear. The inner mesh woven into the jacket has tendencies of loosening out in the form of fibers which does get messy when it interrupts zip play.One niggle is the absence of straps around the arms. Speeds beyond 50 Mph( 80 kph) does let in a lot of air through the arm sleeves which puff up the jacket.

CE approved armor (impact protectors) are provided for the shoulder,elbows and back. Lack of chest impact protectors does raise an eyebrow compared to the Nero which is offered at a comparatively cheaper price. Back protector is a piece of flexible foam which is made up of two different densities. Additionally the jacket come with the water resistant liners which can be zipped on the inside of the jacket. 3M scotch lite reflective stripes are provided on the front the back for added visibility in night and low light conditions.

Overall The DSG Phoenix priced at INR 5499/- would have been a good buy and a good VFM(value for money) seller if it didn’t lack certain features that the Nero still offers.

pic Courtesy :  PlanetDSG.