The second Autoshow in Bangalore in the last month and you thought Bangalore was slowing down in the ‘auto enthusiasts’ department. Relio Quick Auto mall promised to be the change that other popular Automalls did not deliver. Sadly though the enthusiasts have certainly not been given their due.

In terms of motorcycles it was better than the recent Time Auto Show, with good stalls from Harley, Hyosung, Suzuki & the BMW‘s. Decent stalls by other car manufacturers, but nothing that you cannot see on road or in a dedicated showroom. A Rolls Royce on display was probably the only place where people did spent that extra second, apart from the motorcycles that is.

Honestly, having covered the recent Times Auto show, its was easy to notice the same vehicles, be it car or bike, and its just disappointing these Autoshow’s which are probably the only ones that happen yearly down south have gone from bad to worse every year, which was definitely quite evident in the very poor turn out that both the show’s had.

Here’s hoping for better and bigger Autoshow’s where the enthusiast is not let down.


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