The excessive CO2 problem has seen sparked a wild fire in search for a solution amongst engineers and innovators alike, from the absolute bizarre to some genuinely interesting and possible ideas. The hybrid electric drive technology is currently leading in this field, but that does not mean that people still do not experiment for a more environment friendly option. Dean Benstead, a student of industrial design looked at compressed air and saw a solution and went on to prove it by creating a motorcycle that runs on compressed air.

This is certainly not the first attempt to create a two wheeler driven by compressed air, because we have seen at least three concept bikes that take advantage of compressed air, Green Speed ​​Air and Saline Bird are some of the concepts that use compressed air.

This concept by Dean Bensteadu called the ‘O2 Pursuit’ runs on a frame from the Yamaha WR250F. Instead of the conventional engine capacity of 250 cc, the O2 Pursuit gets a motor that is propelled by air. This engine concept limits maximum speed to 100 kmph, but it definitely can go much faster. Further proposed improvements on the concept include using lighter build materials and cheaper products without a compromise on quality.



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