Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta is recalling certain F4 motorcycles from the 2010 model year to fix a potential weak point in their rear sub-frames. The upper fixture points of the sub-frame, which supports the seat and rider, may not be as strong as necessary.

The company says it is possible for cracks to form in the sub-frame and cause the part to fail. If that happens the rider will lose support and stability, which would increase the risk of a crash. The recall affects 211 motorcycles, which is a significant and troubling number for a specialty maker like MV Agusta, whose exotic bikes can cost more than $40,000.

In a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the motorcycle maker said it learned of the problem from one of its test riders. The rider reported that during a test ride the seat suddenly felt as if it had been lowered. When company technicians examined the bike they found breaks in the upper rear sub-frame.

As a result of its findings, the company says its dealers will install a reinforcement kit free of charge. Specifically, the company says it will reinforce the sub-frames of affected bikes built through Sept. 7, 2010 and install new, re-engineered sub-frames on bikes built on Sept 8, 2010 and afterward. The company says it has tested both fixes to make sure they solve the problem.

MV Agusta says it expects to begin the recall this month. Owners may contact the company at 215-830-3300. The company says it knows of no crashes resulting from the problem.

Source: WSJ


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