MotoGP - Class Applications for 2012 Season
MotoGP – Class Applications for 2012 Season

On April 30th 2011, the FIM announced that 13 teams containing 21 riders, not currently participating in the MotoGP class, had been provided with terms and conditions for participation in 2012. Those teams were invited to confirm their interest and submit comprehensive details of their plans for participation to IRTA. The deadline was Saturday May 14th.

During the Le Mans event the applications were reviewed by IRTA and Dorna. Eleven teams comprising 16 riders have now been invited to participate in the next stage of selection. These teams have until Friday June 3rd, to lodge a security deposit with IRTA.

At the Catalunya Grand Prix Dorna and IRTA will decide which teams will then be offered a contract of participation for 2012. Teams applying to participate in the CRT category will also need to have their application approved by the Grand Prix Commission members. Following the Catalunya Grand Prix a list of accepted teams will be published.


    • Hi Chaitanya,

      Participating in the MotoGP is all about working up the ranks and working hard on your ability and putting in time for it.
      If MotoGp is where you want to reach you will have first start your way through the national championships that happen in India at MMSC or Kari. You would then have to be part of a team, where your talents will be fine tuned by the professionals. Once you are at that stage winning races and breaking records, that is when you will be noticed and talent scouts would give you a try out.


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