If first impressions are all that you go by, then one look at the new LS2 Supra and you know that they have taken their game to a all new level. You would immediately notice the different visor mechanism and a whole lot more gloss. So how good is this new helmet? Read on.

The LS2 Supra complies with the ECER22-05 safety standards. The wind noise reduction is again great till you reach the 80kmph range, then typically like the rest of the Ls2’s you get the whistle blowing. So be prepared with some ear plug’s if you intend to go on some high speed run and same them ear’s.

The helmet definitely has the wow factor associated with it and the design lines and the contours just give it a look that’s new to the Indian market. It clearly stands out from the other Ls2 models out there. At LS2 they usually stick to lines and shades and make a more subtle statement. Nothing that shouts “Hey look at me, look at me”.

Being an LS2 you would expect the visor making the usual ‘kat’ ‘kat’ noise while adjusting it. Well you are in for a surprise. The visor has a two level adjust that moves without any drama. The visor too, even though chrome tinted, is done with a special coat that enables you to see with a good level of visibility even in low light conditions. The LS2 Supra weighs 1.4kilo’s, which is pretty light compared to helmets in the similar range.

The main upgrade that makes this LS2 differ from its earlier models is the presence of air cushioned cheek pads. With these you can adjust the level of fit that you require for the inner cheek pads. Quite a handy addition, that will guarantee you a good fit even after prolonged use after which the conventional pads sink in a bit and effect the fit. The strap lock is the easy to use ‘slide to lock and pull to release’ ones.

Maybe one place that maybe the LS2 has remained stagnant is the total helmet shell shape. The shape is almost similar through all through their recent launches and frankly is a bit bland. Being the one of the most active players in the affordable helmet range the LS2 have placed the Supra a bit higher than the usual models. The LS2 Supra costs in the vicinity of 4300INR.


  1. Nice review :) we definitely need more product reviews!!! addition of classifieds section would be an great addition to this website :)

    • i asked to that shop wer i bot my helmt, he says we dont sell visors, n he doesn’t care abt wt i askd… i bot my helmt for 4300..i hav the bill., it has nvr met wit a crash,, ths is the best helmt i hv ever seen, wit air pump nd best air vents..m nt ready to loose ths.so pls help me find its suitable visor..nd also cheek pads bec my air pump is nt workn..pls help me…

  2. i already contacted with them.they told me they don’t have stock of this model & now this model not available in market. Do u knw anyother shops outside kerala . i want this same model with same graphics .i will pay the courrier/shipping charge. help me please


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