Why do you ride? Every motorcyclist, at one point or another, made the decision to throw their leg over the saddle of a bike and go for a ride. Some people ride a motorcycle because it’s cheaper. Some because it’s faster. And some because it’s a little more dangerous.

The teaser video:

Puma and Ducati have partnered up for a video series that looks into who rides the Italian bikes and why. The five segments take a look at everyone from a professional Formula Drift driver to a Ducati Master Tech and everyone in between to try to answer those questions. The result is a slew of well-put-together clips that will have you hankering for a Monster of your very own.

Not to keep you waiting here are the videos:

Raymond Roker, founder of URB Magazine, loves the sport of motorcycling:

Hannah Johnson, a Master Technician at Ducati:

Andrew Sidwell, an Army Captain with a passion for the track, the gear and the bike:

Eric Hsueh, creative genius and owner of The Livery Gruppe:

Tony Angelo, a professional driver and Drift Judge, who loves to escape on bikes:


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