BMW has decided to completely transform the Husqvarna that we know. The first move was a new Husqvarna naked, and now the Bavarians present to us the ‘Husqvarna E-go’ at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Electric motorcycles are gradually becoming our reality. All of us expected the Husvarna’s to the give competition to brands like the KTM‘s and such at the motorshow, But Husqvarna have gone a step ahead with this concept by targeting young riders who are just entering the world of motorcycles.

Husqvarna’s distinctive design element is one that characterize’s the urban two wheeler with its low weight. The Husqvarna’s E-go concept weighs only 80 kg, which when compared to competition is far less. The most distinctive element of this concept is certainly the single sided double front fork with a diameter of 35 mm located on the left, and the rear of the bike in the same spirit has a single-sided aluminum swingarm.

The enclosure which houses the batteries is also made of aluminum, while the chassis made of steel. The power specifics of this current concept is unknown. Looking at the recent hyperactivity at the Husqvarna HQ  this is surely not going to disappoint. 



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