What and Why

The headlamps of your motorcycle needs to be checked frequently and adjusted if found to be not at the right height. The key to good illumination lies in the intensity of the lamp and on the way it is focused onto the road.

Tools Required
  • A phillips head screw driver (star tipped).
  • Locate the headlamp adjusting knob.
  • Place the bike facing a solid and clear wall and at a distance of 10 feet. If you are adjusting the headlamp in the night, place your motorcycle on an even leveled empty stretch of road.
  • Turn the knob in clockwise or anti-clockwise as needed to adjust the beam.

  • Since headlights are mostly used during night riding, adjusting it at night time is suggested.
  • Adjusting of beam is better done with the rider sitting on the bike.
  • With a pillion the beam would tend to point a bit more higher. Hence, if you do ride regularly with a pillion, adjust the headlight by keeping it a bit lower than solo riding height.


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