What and Why:

Nothing is mere essential in Chain driven motorcycles than the chain itself. Several types of chains are used depending on usage, terrain and how efficient power requires translation to the tarmac.
Lubing is essential to keep your chain in good condition, to reduce friction and jamming of the same, and for a smoother ride.

Tools Required:
  • Chain spray¬† (for O-ring, X-ring, Y-ring)
  • Safety gloves
Tutorial Video

  • Place bike on center stand/ paddock stand.
  • Start the engine.
  • Slot the bike into 1st gear (you should see the rear wheel rotate as the drive chain engages).
  • Keeping the nozzle of the spray at an appropriate distance from the chain, spray the lube onto the chain for a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times keeping a minimal gap of ~5seconds until you visually ensure that the chain is lubed enough, neither less, nor in excess.
  • Clean the bike’s rear disc to remove traces of lubrication spray (this might hamper effective braking).
  • Wear safety gloves to keep away harmful lead particles.
  • Chain spray bottle should have the long nozzle connected for efficient spraying.
  • Ensure that the bike’s rear tire is off the ground by atleast 2-3 inches before slotting the bike into gear.
  • Do not ingest chain spray fume.
  • Keep nozzle away from the chain. The recommended spraying distance is ideally written on the bottle.
  • A clean and tidy job leads to self satisfaction under safe conditions.


  1. The Maxx Chain Lube (or) Rolon chain lube both the brands are cheating the customers in saying it has solid lubricants and it gives only stickiness and more adhesive ,rest of the products in the market works well.

  2. Hey Everybody!

    I found TriboCor website. The products are much better than others.
    You can check out TriboCor products at http://www.tribocor.in or follow the company on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tribocortechnologies

    TriboCor Chain lube spray TC 40 – for lubrication and corrosion protection of bike chains
    TriboCor Super lube TC 205- for motorbikes of 125 cc and above.

    I tried it on my pulsar 220 and it works great! Much better than OKS and MOTUL!


    it flings off everywhere..i bought it as in some forum a biker said,it sticks well
    it sticks,but in RIM,and swingarms
    i had a bit of flies too attracted to its scent…
    i would not recommend it to anyone

    thorough cleaned the chain and applied motul—exactly 150kms and white lube changed black due to attracting dust particles

    heard veloil(thailand),TVS,BEL-RAY,TRIBOCOR,CASTROL sprays are good

    but none available here….

  4. Thanks Ranga. That chain lube is pretty smooth and works good on the chain as well. We recommend a good non sticky lubricant for the chain especially in a country like ours.

  5. I use Tribocor and i feel its better than motul and OKS as it lasts for 500kms on the chain and atleast 350 during rainy seasons.it works on the chain in seconds.I know a guy who also uses it on the zx10r and the ninja 250 r .Its the best….i have used other products.you can find it in ebay.in.its 299 bucks

  6. Excellent Effort!

    Few after thoughts

    1. Gear oils Specifically EP 90 would be a easy alternative but looses out on convenience.

    2. The Video needs to have two preludes to it

    a. Adjustment of Chain
    b. Cleaning up of Chain of all the dust & grit

    This I guess could still be shot & uploaded as earlier parts.

    Help Support… please let me know. I am keen to help you pull out more “What If” Videos.

    Best Wishes

    Venkat Shyam

  7. @Reni-Motul is good, but it is known to splash quite a bit. Try OKS or TVS chain spray. Due to the foamy nature of the lubricant, it sticks well and lasts long. The icing on the cake is, it is also cheap! :)

  8. hmmm… so i guess the W90 or something similar is what the mechs use in local garages. i think i will pick up Motul… thanks man.

  9. Specific o-ring, x-ring lubes don't have grades. The cheaper alternative would be to use a thick(W90) gear oil. However they require frequent cleaning and application. Motul, OKS, Castrol and Tribocor are the tried and tested brands in India. The Motul Chain Lube costs approx INR 550.

  10. Nice…

    some doubts:

    are there any 'grades' of lubes in the market? like engine oils(20w50,etc)?

    which are the most recommended brands in India?

    how much does Motul(as shown in the pic above) cost?

    Keep it rolling fellas… :)


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