Brakes, the most important part of your bike that brings all the adrenaline rush to a stand still. It requires regular, proper maintenance to keep you stopping every time, right where you want it to.

Watch the video below followed by the procedure on how to clean the brake pads of your machine. Follow the same procedure for replacement of brake pads.


  • Place the bike on a level flat ground.
  • Remove the bolts that hold the brake assembly and slide out the assembly smoothly.
  • Locate the locking pin on the assembly that holds the pads in place.
  • Undo the pins and detach the pads.
  • Use a Sand paper to clean the pads as shown in the video.
  • Once the pads appear clean, install them back by retracing your steps.

Tools Required:

  • Spanner (size varies from bike to bike)
  • Sand paper
  • Clean cloth
  • Flat nose tip pliers


  • Always wear safety gloves (Not necessarily riding gloves, anything that can keep your hands away from direct contact).
  • Work in a well ventilated area. Brake dust contains harmful lead particles.
  • Do not damage/bend/chip/scratch the disc in the process.
  • Tap the pads, clean with sand paper, tap again to get rid of dust/dirt. Keep fluids away from the disc pads.
  • Do NOT squeeze the brake level when the pads are out of the assembly. In case the lever is pressed, the calipers get closer. Insert a blunt tool in between and push the calipers back.
  • Calipers can either be greased or kept well dry.
  • While installing the assembly back on the bike, ensure the disc slots/slides in between the brake pads.
  • Press the brake lever repeatedly after installation to bring back the feel in it.
  • Disc brake cleaning fluids available in the market such as “Muc-Off” can be used to finish off the process in the end.
  • A job well done leads to satisfaction under safe working conditions.


  1. Good and right on spot vid.. It’s good to keep the bikes maintained and i know other people who just don’t bother doing anything on their bikes which end up running horribly after a while..

  2. ^^^ translation of above sentence for others.

    You have good points there, so I always check your blog, it seems that you are an expert in this field. keep up the good work, My friend recommended your site.

    My french is not very good, I’m from Germany.

  3. Some procedures need to be redefined!

    The Procedure makes brakes effective but "not efficient"! With brakes one needs to do the later & not the former.

    Inputs pls call


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