Cramster is perhaps best known for its value-for-money riding gloves. Top of their line is the TRG-2 model that has a full-gauntlet design. In simple words, unlike normal gloves, the cuffs extend beyond the wrist and cover part of the forearm. This part goes over the sleeves of your riding jacket and prevents air from entering. Also the padded sections offer increased protection for your forearms.

Unlike the original TRG, the TRG-2 comes in only one colour scheme: black + grey + white combo. May not look as flashy as other glove on the market, but this beats most of them in the level of protection it offers for that price.

The TRG-2 has a soft inner lining that does not chafe your skin during long rides. (Initial “break-in” still applies) Three Velcro straps hold the gloves securely in place and ensure they stay there to do their job. The knuckle has carbon fibre reinforcement on the outside to provide the maximum protection possible from impacts and scrapes, while there is padding on the inside for increased comfort. Carbon fibre is also used extensively at the finger-joints to help absorb impact. Three of them also have air vents to let cool air in and reduce perspiration. All the fingers have two carbon fibre “dots” each except for the little finger. On the palm area, there are no car-fib dots like those in the TRG. Instead, there is a strip of padding. It does seem this is better than the two dots since it covers a larger area.

When riding, the gloves allow a good measure of mobility for the fingers and don’t tend to cramp them up. It is quite easy to pull the clutch and brake levers in as the fingers are pre-curved. Single or double finger operation is also possible thanks to the piece of flexible leather at the base of each finger. It does tend to get slightly warm inside the gloves, especially so when the sun’s out, but it doesn’t get to the point of being uncomfortable.

It should be noted that these gloves are not water-proof or even water-resistant. They soak up quite a bit of water during rains and takes a long time under the sun for them to dry out completely.

The Velcro’s on the TRG-2 are known not to last as long as the TRG, and this is the only thing that really bothers us. Be ready to bid them goodbye after a few months of hard touring.

Priced very competitively at 2,300 INR, you would be hard-pressed to find another model with similar features for the same price. Admittedly, this pair isn’t much of an eye-catcher, but hey it does the job beautifully.

PS: Riding gloves are a very important piece of protective gear and are second only to helmets. The palms and fingers of the rider are very susceptible to injury. Abrasions from even a slow speed fall can leave you unable to continuing riding.





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