If you are looking for an engine oil that lasts for a long time, makes your engine butter-smooth and lets the revs build quickly, then look no further. Unless your bike doesn’t take xW50 grade oil. If it does, you’re in luck.

Castrol Power 1 Racing is a fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil rated at SAE 10W50. Utilizing their extensive R&D when working with top racing teams, Castrol has come up with this amazing piece of “liquid engineering” and it is simply the best we’ve seen out there. Earlier it used to be packaged in an Aluminium canister, but Castrol has since switched to the plastic bottle we’re familiar with, though it is golden coloured.

The first time I rode my P220fi after switching to Castrol Power 1 Racing, I could barely believe how smooth the engine felt and sounded. The way the engine revved was even more incredible. It seemed like the motor had been freed from a huge burden and it could rev more freely now. I realize my words must sound biased, but after seeing how this oil performs first hand, it’s really hard not to. Pulsars are typically known for their lack of refinement, and this oil is the remedy, it reduces the harshness of the engine to such an extent that you could easily think it was a slightly bad Honda motor running beneath you, and at the same time there is a very noticeable increase in acceleration.

Castrol Power 1 Racing will particularly appeal to long distance tourers since it has a long replacement interval. Though it is said to last over 7500km, personally I’d recommend you to change it after 6000km, since the engine harshness starts to show up again. Practically speaking, you could do a lap of the Golden Quadrilateral and then ride some more, before even thinking of replacing the oil ;).

Having used both Motul 300V (15W50) and Castrol Power 1 Racing (10W50), the Castrol oil suited my requirements perfectly. Not to mention its cheaper as well :D. Castrol Power 1 Racing costs 699 INR, while the 300V costs 895 INR. Both come in 1 litre bottles.

So go get yourself a can of Power 1 Racing, check out how it performs and do let us know how good it feels!

PS: If you still do not believe what I said watch this :P :


  1. Hi I Amjayprasath, Am using RTR 16 apache & driven 14K. For the last 2 service, am using 20W40 non synthetic oil . Now I would like to switch over to fully synthetic. Which grade is recommended to use (either 10W 30, 10W 40 or 10W50)? Please suggest.

  2. Hi dis vinayak, ‘ve got tvs apache rtr 160 new model. plz suggest me a good engine oil coz the gear shifting is very hard. other then dis engine n gearbox gets readily heated even with short runs of 1or 2 kms. which engine oil shall I go for?

  3. hey frnd kya ye pulsar 180 pulsar ke liye recommended hai mera pulsar 2010 model hai pls mail me for best engine oil jisse milege & power dono ho……thanks

  4. i own 220dtsi using 7100 from motul planning to replace with power 1 racing in the next oil change
    is this better than motul 7100?

  5. hello i have cbr250r i am using motul 10w 40 but dint see much improvement, so i think to change oil to castrol power racing 4t 10w50 in my cbr250, had any one used this oil before ur feedback pls

  6. I have a honda cbr 250r and I am thinking of using this oil for my bike it has completed 14k km please suggest me wheth

    er can I use this oil or not

    • Just make sure you are using the right grade of oil as recommended by the company. We have tried the castrol oil and it did good but did not last as long as the company claims, ours was due for a change in about 2.8K.

  7. can i use castrol power 1 racing 10w40 in my hero honda cbz xtreme (atft) 150cc
    i have use hero honda recomended jasoma 10w30 4t oil
    but my bike mileage is poor,its 35-37km in city and 40-42km in long.
    somebody tells that fully synthetic oil improve bike gas mileage..
    mainly i am a city biker,(some time 1-2 times i ride to long/month)

  8. hi, i have glamour fi, which can i use castrol power 1 racing 4t 10w/30 or 10w/40 or 10w/50? Which one is the best for my bike and iif i use power 1 racing oil, next time when should i change oil (tell me the kms when can i change oil)?

  9. kya main apne karizma main castrol power 1 racing use kar sakta hu isse engine par to koi farak nahi padega plzz sugeestme ….

  10. I was Previously used power 1 racing on my karizma r 2007 it will make you rev better and engine will sound as smooth as butter even I had a k&n my engine will make noise only when i’m revving high the best oil I used It for more than 5 years and now I switched to Honda unicorn and switched my oil to power 1 semi-synthetic. Castrol is always Cool :)


  11. I want to use castro semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil for my honda cb unicorn I am using gulf pride 4t plus 20w40 at the moment the bike has done 7200 km. Please suggest me for the same. Thanx asap as I am schedule to change my engine oil soon.

  12. My bike is TVS Victor 125GLX. Is Castrol power 1 racing oil suitable for my bike? What is the drain period? service center guy told me that the Servo 4T Synth is last in 11,000… Is this true…??

  13. hello sir!!
    i have checked with the reviews of this oil..can this oil be used for honda unicorn dazzler 150cc i hav ran arnd 12k kms regularly maintaind frm honda but now wanna change the oil.. is power 1 comfortable option? please guide me for the same.. thank you!!!

  14. I have an FZ-16 2010 model..I mostly go for long trips on it and I use castrol power 1 synthetic and change it at 3k kms
    I inquired in yamaha whether a fully synthetic oil would be right for my bike..they said no it effects the engine life and insisted for yamalube semi-synthetic.
    I’m confused, help please

    • Hi Kashif,

      Although most oils last close to 2.5-3K kms before they loose their lubrication effects, it also depends on how you ride the bike. If you are a perform who likes to rev the engine a lot and always is at the limit of the bike the semi-synthetic oil would last much lesser and its better you stick to the synthetic one as these have better life.

    • use repsol racing full syn. its comparable to power 1 acceleration wise but much more smoother in gear shifting. I used it in my 2004 honda wave S and 2010 XR200. For my XR200, i like the shifting very smooth and the engine revs easily. Change oil interval for my XR is 4000kms or 4 months whichever comes first.

    • dont believe what the yamaha mechanic told you. they have sales quota for their oil, its marketing strategy for dealership owner so that they can have revenue and sales. Repsol and castrol full synthetic is way better than yamalube, beleive me. Since its a sort of sportsbike you had, try repsol racing full syn 10W-50 and castrol power 1 10W-50. you compare the difference and its up to you whom either of the two you like most. drive safely

  15. I’m owning a yamaha fzs 2011 model.. Its run 9500 kms and i want to know which is the best engine oil for my bike?? I hav been using yamalube 15W50 as suggested in d service station!! The last change which i hav done and whic is currently running in my bike is shell advance AX7 10W50 and i’m not satisfied by both!! I need my bike to ride smoothly n gear shifting should also be smooth and even i want it to reach d top speed once in a while when i take it to long drives!! So plz suggest me which oil s d best and plz reply soon as i hav to change d current oil very shortly!! Thanking u..

    • Hi Rajath,

      we are assuming that you have been using mineral oil till now. We suggest you try semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil with the same grade and there are various brands available like Castrol,Motul etc. Do let us know your feed back on the same :)

    • I’m planning on changing my engine oil to castrol power 1 racing full synthetic oil.. is it ok to change to this oil??? i’ve heard it’s very gud.. hence i need ur feedback on this..

    • Just by changing the engine oil there is not going to be a performance change that you can measure. What is possible is the better type lubrication and a better lasting lubrication across all temperatures.

  16. hi this is karan….and i have a R15 V1 i changed the racing power oil to my bike bt its total changed the sound….and it reduced the pick and speed too…..please help me to….what is the best oil for Yamaha R15?

  17. @ NINJA
    Generally mechanic is asking us to pour 1litre + 100 ml of oil. What can we do for this? Or is 1 litre is enough?
    I own a Pulsar 180DTSi

  18. Thanks for the review.

    I bought castrol power1 racing 2 days ago for my honda unicorn and was thrilled from the start. Honda unicorn, already having a butter smooth engine felt more smoother. the gear shifts were smooth and fast even without the use of clutch. not to mention the revs – less struggle and vibration with improved pickup and performance. Im really impressed with this engine oil and recommend it to all bikers. thanks CASTROL for ur liquid engineering.

    • Hi Anwar,

      Please check the bike’s manual for the recommended grade. If the second number is 50, then you may use this oil. (Recommended grade should be xW50, where ‘x’ can be anything)
      The oil comes in 1 litre bottles only. You can buy 2 bottles and keep the unused amount for the next change.

    • Hi Abhishek,

      6000km is the minimum the oil will last. Depending on riding style and conditions, it may last as long as 7-8k km.

    • Thanks Ninja,

      I just had my bike bike serviced and changed the oil to CASTROL POWER 1 RACING….. and that servicing guy told 2.5k u have to change.

      My general concern is how will you come to know when exactly to change ….

      Any tips…?

      I own a P220.

    • 2.5k is the change interval for mineral oils, not synthetic ones. Towards the end of the oil’s life, the engine becomes noticeably harsher, just like it does with mineral oils after 2.2-2.5k of use. That calls for an oil change ;)

  19. How good do you recommend his for a Yamaha R15? And also, what is your take on the Mobil 1 two wheeler Racing oils? I use the factory recommended “Yamalube” full synthetic. Please advice.

    • Hi, Benak. The R15 requires the use of 20W40 engine oil, hence CP1R would not be suitable for your bike. On the other hand, Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 can be used with confidence.

    • Thanks Ninja,
      Any idea about where I cam find them in Bangalore? I tried searching for it in J.C Road, but no one got back to me. Please advice.

    • Nope, the TVS apache requires a 20W40 grade, you may put a 10W30 if you stay in a cold region like himachal. But not the above xx50grade oil.

  20. Hi, Koushik.

    You’re right-the previous generation P1R were of 10W40 grade, which could be used on engines that required 20W40 oils (such as the older Karizmas). Hero Honda however recommends 10W30 for the newer ZMA-R’s, which implies that the xW40 oils were too thin to lubricate the engine at higher operating temperatures. Hence the current 10W50 P1R would be unsuitable for your ZMA-R. Would advise you to stick to the manufacturer recommended oil grade.

    Ride safe.

  21. earlier it used to be 10w 40 grade,and now the latest one is 10w 50,can i use this grade on my zma r..? earlier i tried with 10w40 castrol p1 racing and felt happy..I am in confusion state now wheither to use the latest grade or not on my karizma r which clocked 42,000kms on odo..help/suggestion/advice needed..

    • Yes, this can be used on an FZ, but not recommended. I own the same bike. The yamalube is a best oil that is suited for our bikes, you can try the 15w50 semisynt. yamalube


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